The muzzle swells around the dog

VOLK The Thinker (9241) 5 years ago

Insect bites and snakes
The bite can be determined by sudden acute pain,sometimes accompanied by swelling and pallor of the dog's skin. If the bite falls on the neck, breathing can be difficult. Try to calm the dog and prevent physical exertion and overheating. If the swelling does not subside within an hour, or if the bite falls on the muzzle or neck, take the dog to the veterinarian. If possible, pull out the dog's tongue and release her airway. If the snake bites the dog by the paw, put a tight bandage on the paw. Try to determine the sight of the snake and immediately take the dog to the veterinarian.

lavIRA Enlightened (31422) 5 years ago

to take away the wind and not to ask such questions. who you dog will be treated online by.

Maybe the bee bit. Prick dimedrol, depending on the size of the dog - a cube or a half.

Darts Enlightened (35078) 5 years ago

Give clarity, or tavigil, or anything from allergies. More quickly. It will not be worse.

Natalia Matsurina Master (1117) 5 years ago

it can be an allergy or bite

January Guru (3304) 5 years ago

can her bee stings

Katya Vasil'eva Thinker (6625) 5 years ago

From what has swelled up? Too little information

Nina96 Enlightened (25618) 5 years ago

Maybe she was bitten by who?

Tori Zorta Guru (3563) 5 years ago

What should I do: I tear my ass from the chair and go to the wind. This is an allergic reaction. God forbid swelling of the quincke.

Hrych Мудрец (10428) 5 years ago

Apply to the site - it's veterinary consultants.

galena Thinker (5450) 5 years ago

1/4 Suprastinum, to a vet!

Sculptor Mudrets (14747) 5 years ago

To the gallop, while the brain is not swelling, my dog ​​has been burned for four hours in four

Olga Mudrets (14447) 5 years ago

Can an allergy to something? Wasps or bees did not bite accidentally? The dog needs to be shown to the doctor necessarily and quickly

LYDMILA Mudrets (12149) 5 years ago

Tygryushka not rev! this is a bad reflection on the dog! take yourself in hand and read advice especially advice from VOLK. she helps me very often! and as soon as possible, contact Vetom! at home or around the clock! let your friend God protect!

Galina Dolganova Orakul (54784) 5 years ago

allergy is urgent to vet