Edema of the stomach in a dog

The dog came from the street. It's limp. On the third day, I saw this kind of edema. It takes half the abdomen. The inside of the thigh. Swelling of the joint. At first the dog did not sginala paw when sitting, lying, strongly limped. Now the paw can bend, lameness is not strong, but the edema does not pass. At the same time, the mood for the dog for these 5 days became better. Appetite was not administered for 5 days. Tell me what to do? What with her? Is it possible to take her somehow to the vet if she bites and does not long? Please, help.

URGENTLY to the vet! Such problems with health dogs do not joke!

The best answer Show the vet costsnecessarily, and transport with a light sleeping pill (in the vetaptek can advise so-called "transport" drops or pills). Most likely the dog got into a fight with its cousins, maybe also from a car hit and just bad people). Do not run a dog, if it is of course expensive for you. Get right!