Edema of the ear in a dog

My dog ​​is a South African Boerboel. The cable is about three years old. Recently, his ears began to be scratched heavily and they swelled during the next day. We cleaned them. The dog sleeps quietly, when touched they do not hurt, but remain swollen. What to do and what is this disease?

The question answers:
Veterinary consultant, veterinarian
Kalashnikova Olga Vladimirovna

Since I can not observe the dog personally, I have two versions of her pathologies.

If the dog under the skin of swollen ears feelsliquid is a hematoma of the auricle, which arose from the fact that during the itching the dog scratched the ears and damaged the vessels. The hematoma is treated most often operatively, the cavity is opened, the blood is removed and the damaged vessel is sutured.

The second option is an allergic reaction, with herthe ears are dense and swollen throughout the canvas. Polyseptin or zoderm is buried in the ears, the same drug is applied to the inner surface of the ear canvas. It is important to understand what is the cause of the allergy and exclude the future contact of the dog with the allergen.