Dog swells

It often happens that the owner of a dognotices that his dog's eyes are swollen: the causes of this symptom may be very diverse, and they are often associated with eyelid diseases and conjunctivitis, but, as the vets say, there are deeper and more serious reasons. Of course, in most cases, edema is caused by conjunctivitis or a corneal ulcer, but very often the cause should be sought in an allergy, or, possibly, in an insect bite.

In the most severe cases, this can be a symptomsystemic disease. It is better to make a diagnosis correctly. A professional veterinary clinic will offer a variety of services, including calling a veterinarian at home. Therefore, having found out in the dog edema around the eyes do not delay, but contact the veterinary clinic for veterinary assistance.

Here are the main causes of swollen eyes in dogs :
• conjunctivitis: bacterial, viral, mechanical irritation (for example, a dog travels with a head hanging out the window, sea sand, strong wind, etc.)
• corneal ulcer
• keratitis
• foreign matter (spikelets, seeds)
• allergies
• Systemic diseases (leishmaniasis, lymphoma ...)
• glaucoma
• abscesses, tumors

As for the symptoms, they are basically the following :
Swollen eyelids
• Chemosis
• the dog scratches his eyes with his paws
• the dog scratches his eyes about the corners
• the dog has half-closed eyes because of photophobia

In the case of dog eye swelling, the first thing you need isdo it immediately take the dog to the vet. Thus, you can determine the cause of the problem: if it is true that conjunctivitis is not fatal, if it is an allergy swelling, then it should be immediately eliminated before the swelling spreads to the rest of the head and throat, thereby preventing the dog from breathing.
Depending on the cause of the edema of the eye, a veterinarianwill appoint the most suitable treatment. If it is conjunctivitis, then you will be prescribed eye drops, which should be applied several times a day. If the problem is caused by keratitis, or worse, a corneal ulcer, then it is likely that you will be asked to wear a Elizabeth collar to the dog: if the dog continues to itch, ulcers can go deeper and cause a perforation of the eye.
If the problem is a foreign body, then it should be removed as soon as possible. Only after this, you can use eye drops and antibiotics, which depends on the severity of the lesion.

What not to do
There are several things that you should not do in the case of a swelling of the eyelids in a dog:
• To avoid do-it-yourself: Do not apply on occasional drops, ointments, folk remedies. Most of them are part of myths and legends and only worsen the situation
• Do not use tea or other substances
• Do not wait a week to take the dog toTo the veterinarian: if you have an ulcer, the treatment should be prescribed earlier, before it becomes too deep, and the foreign bodies should be removed as quickly as possible
• Do not use cortisone or ophthalmic ointments to rinse eyes. Cortisone, in fact, causes the corneal ulcer

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