How to relieve swelling after a dog bite

Bite another dog. First aid is to treat the wound with peroxidehydrogen (aqueous solution), lubricate with tincture of iodine and apply a bandage, and then contact the nearest veterinary station. Particular attention should be paid to the fact whether the attacking dog has a host or a stray dog. In the latter case, it is necessary to take measures against the disease of the affected dog by rabies.

Squashing of wasps, bees, bumblebees. Great danger for large dogs is notpresent. Complications can occur if the dog is small, and there are many bites. It is also dangerous if the bite falls in the area of ​​the tongue; Swelling of the tongue and throat muscles can lead to strangulation.

In the latter case, it is necessary, abundantly wettingthe dog's mouth cavity with cold water or by applying a bandage with ice, immediately deliver to the nearest medical station for the production of an injection that removes swelling. In other cases, you should try to remove the stinger with tweezers or small coins, between which a match is clamped (coins in this case should work like tweezers with wide "lips"). Wasps and bumblebees stings do not leave.

To the affected area for 20-30 minutes should beapply a swab soaked in an alcohol-containing preparation (iodine, zelenka, cologne, alcohol, vodka, etc.), and then apply a cold compress to relieve swelling. Small dogs, who can vomit after a bite, need to ensure peace, give a sweet tea.

Recently, in the southern regionscases of bites of mutated spiders: a trace from such a bite - two points, but they are located closer than with a snake bite, and horizontally (as in a power outlet), and snake, as a rule - vertically. With the bites of poisonous spiders, first aid is the same as with the bites of bees, wasps, bumblebees.

Snake bites. The characteristic wound after a snake bite (twovertically located points) in dogs with a developed coat can not be found. In this case, attention should be paid to the general swelling of the bite site. The bitten dog trembles, diarrhea, vomiting, and swallowing can occur. If the bite is in the leg, the dog keeps it on the weight.

Snake venom is very quickly absorbed, so the picturepoisoning is noticeable and immediately and rapidly increases. An animal can fall into an unconscious state and die. Especially dangerous snake bites in the spring, so in this period it is better to refrain from exits with the dog in those places where snakes can live.

First aid. Saving a dog when bitten by a poisonous snake canonly a special antiserum serum. Therefore it is advisable to see and describe the snake that bit the dog. Veterinary points in this area usually have the necessary serum. But before you can get there together with the affected animal, you need to apply a tourniquet above the bite for 30-40 minutes and try to squeeze out as much blood as possible from the wound.

To slow the absorption of poison should beapply to the wound lotion from lead water, vinegar. It is recommended to cauterize the wound with hot iron, carbolic acid, caustic alkali, tincture of iodine: temperature and chemicals destroy biological poisons. Affected dog should be drunk abundantly with strong sweet tea or coffee with the addition of a small amount of wine or vodka. And, of course, - as soon as possible to deliver to the nearest branch.