Swelling of the lungs in a dog how to remove

Good afternoon!
The situation is very difficult. I have a dog, a Yorkshire Terrier breed, called Ricky, he is 14 years old. Yesterday morning, at 12 o'clock I saw that the dog was breathing heavily, the coordination of movement was broken, it swelled in the chest area. Since I realized that there is very little time left, I grabbed it and ran to the nearest vet clinic. The dog was X-rayed, injected with medicine, put a dropper, put in a hospital, supplied the DOP with oxygen and began to give a diuretic. By 10 o'clock in the evening the condition of the dog in terms of lungs became better: the swelling was stopped. But cerebral ischemia started. I was encouraged to say that the worst thing is that 70% of the outcomes of ischemia treatment have a positive outcome. Today I came to 12 days to him in a vet clinic. They said that the state is bad. Is not so much worried about ischemia, how many that kidneys may have started to refuse. They do not promise anything, but they said they are doing their best. He is still in the hospital, oxygen supply has not been turned off, he has a dropper, he has a medicine, gives a diuretic, feeds, walks with him. I do not know how to do it now. In principle, yesterday they were ready to give it to us, but with the condition that we will stab him with drugs every 3 hours. We did not take responsibility, TC first day most critical, and decided to leave it under the care of professionals. We once visited your clinic, very much. The dog was treated promptly, the dog recovered, very good doctors and the latest equipment. Of course, I would like the dog to be with you, but since the situation was extremely critical, and it was simply not time to take him somewhere, I had to flee to the first nearest clinic. I and my family are afraid that the chances are negligible for him to get out. I would be very grateful if you could give advice on how best to proceed. Maybe you already had such cases, do not tell me, what is the probability of recovery? Does it make sense to bring it to you?

If more specific information about the condition of the dog is needed for a more accurate answer, and the methods of treatment, could you clarify which ones? I would have found out, I wrote more and more in detail
Very worried, TC is on the account every minute. If I can still help Riki with something, I would like to do this urgently.

Good afternoon.
From your description I do not quite understand whichThe diagnosis was put to the dog. Pulmonary edema is not a diagnosis, it's just a symptom. With this condition, first of all the dog needs to do an x-ray of the chest and ECHO of the heart. Pulmonary edema can occur with severe heart disease or be a consequence of a primary lung disease, for example, pneumonia. The predictions for these diagnoses are different, therefore, to say on the forum whether it is possible to help the dog is impossible. Also it is necessary to understand for what reasons at a dog "kidneys refuse".
In general, on the forum in your case, nothingconcrete can not be said. You can bring the dog to the reception. To begin with - to the cardiologist. Further tactics will be determined depending on the results of the cardiac echocardiogram.

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