Edema in the dog on the muzzle

Each of us wants his dog or dogwere healthy, never hurt and were not traumatized. As they say, it's easier to warn than to heal. Especially in our time, when everything is so insanely expensive. It seems that we are all doing this for it: vaccinate, monitor nutrition and upbringing, conduct deworming on time. And suddenly, for some reason, this always happens unexpectedly and very quickly, you find that the dog has swelled its muzzle.

First, do not lose calm. It is clear, if the dog is swollen muzzle, then the sight of it will be, to put it mildly, scary. Sometimes the swelling is so strong that the eyes swim, and the size of the head visually increase in half. Do not panic, nor everything is so scary. First of all pay attention to the breathing of the animal. In some cases, edema prevents normal breathing, the dog begins to suffocate, it has an even pronounced cyanosis. Here, of course, you can not delay. It is urgent to enter intramuscularly prednisolone (or something else from corticosteroids), adrenaline or subcutaneously atropine and urgently deliver the dog to the veterinary clinic.

If the swelling does not spread to the larynx,start to give antihistamines, for example, suprastin, tavegil, fenkarol, diazolin and diuretics. And to the doctor to seem all the same it is necessary, even if the dog becomes objectively easier. It is necessary to find out the cause of the edema and develop a plan for further examination and treatment. Be sure to find out what your dog is allergic to. Often the cause of such an allergic reaction can be dry food, pollen of plants, chemicals, which we often use in everyday life (bleach, dishwashing detergents, sex, washing powder and any cleaning products).

As a rule, if the dog is swollen muzzle, then inFirst of all, they exclude an allergic cause. The cause of edema can be and bites of insects, which are especially dangerous in the neck and muzzle. Usually swelling very quickly creeps across the face, swims eyes, there is a strong itching. Without timely treatment, the symptoms of swelling can build up, which leads to a lethal outcome. For example, anaphylactic shock also causes severe swelling and often causes death of the animal.

The strongest edema of tissues can be causedvarious injuries and bites of other animals. Try to remember, maybe the dog got into a fight with someone, or it hit hard. Edema on the muzzle of a dog can be caused by dental problems, dental diseases, abscesses and inflammation of the cervical lymph nodes. Sometimes a very good effect is given by injections of "triple": analgin, suprastin, papaverine. Well, and of course, treat the root cause.

Tell me, please, and maybe someone also encountered such a problem? What did you do when the dog was swollen?

I saw a similar situation in the veterinary clinic. The puppy was diagnosed with allergic edema due to the chicken liver. The hostess left a package in the hallway, and scented the prey, strewed the package with the liver and made a feast of belly. All muzzle swelled and the larynx too. Hardly saved the fagot.
A veterinarian who was familiar said that in recent years, the number of allergies has increased in dogs. especially on detergents and disinfectants.

Tue, 26/02/2013 - 23:48

I never thought that the chicken liver can be allergic to dogs. This is news to me.

Although not at all surprising, given thatnow they feed chickens on poultry farms. Feeds are stuffed with hormones and all sorts of nastiness to enhance growth and rapid weight gain. This whole "bjaka" is cumulated in muscles and organs. I bought a chicken myself I can not, I'm sick of it, and the meat it looks like "turd" (sorry for such a bad word)

I think if the dog you told about ate a liver from a domestic chicken, then there could be no talk of an allergy.

Wed, 27/02/2013 - 00:51

Chicken liver was from the store. That is not home, but grown on a poultry farm in chemistry. biostimulators (hormones, antibiotics, etc. The liver filters all this and keeps it in. For 45 days, and at that age, birds are slaughtered, it does not have time to clear, and the puppy ate not one or two things, but almost half a kilogram.

Sun, 19/10/2014 - 12:07

At first my tuchika swelled up.He was red and almost completely swollen. Then he began to swell up his nose. They thought that there was barley on his eye. It was evening, almost at night. So we went to bed and did not give it a value. On the morning I woke up and noticed that under his jaw, where the transition to the neck was some sort of swelling. I was very much frightened, I just could not describe it in words. So I quickly gathered myself with him to the wind-wind. They told me that the dog had an allergic reaction and injected two piercings. After two days I must come. Here we are waiting for a repeated campaign at the wind-wind.

Su, 30/11/2014 - 20:41

Good afternoon!At me at a dog of breed that terrier one year ago there was a ball on a neck in the form of a hypodermic furuncle, within a year he that broke out left a pus from there that then again appeared, here today later year have performed operation on its or his excision and the doctor has told or said that at it or her suspicion on sarcoma, they say a hole in the bone, but the rod she said that she removed! The fact is that her visceral boil did not disturb this hypodermic, she ate and eats it wonderfully! Can anyone suggest a stalker with such or similar problem?