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Lung edema in dogs - treatment

What kind of caring boss would not dream ofhis beloved pet has never been ill and always in a fine mood? But, alas, illness or trauma can not be foreseen, as it is impossible to hedge against such troubles. In some cases, when an emergency veterinary care is required, the owner of the animal must act without delay.

Very often, from the ability of a person to make the necessary decisions quickly, not only health, but also the life of a loved one depends. One of the most dangerous states is pulmonary edema in the dog. in which the fluid accumulates in the alveoli of the animal's lungs. How this state will develop depends solely on the cause that caused it.

Often, this phenomenon can be lightning fastcharacter, which jeopardizes the life of the pet. Establish the cause that triggered the development of pulmonary edema, only an experienced veterinarian is capable of! Specialists distinguish two categories of causes, due to which such a dangerous condition can develop: cardiac and noncardial.

Cardiac causes include heart diseasein the animal (myocarditis, vices, etc.), to non-cardiac diseases - other diseases and pathological conditions (pneumonia, shock states, poisoning with gases, etc.) Based on the cause that caused pulmonary edema in dogs treatment a specialist is assigned the appropriate one. And the effectiveness of the medical measures taken will largely depend on the timely diagnosis, study of the animal's condition.

Diseases (diseases) of the liver in dogs - a sick liver in a dog

If the cause of the development of edema was anythe main disease, the specialist must necessarily appoint and produce the necessary therapeutic measures, otherwise - swelling can develop again. No less dangerous are the liver disease in dogs. which are difficult to cure and lead to the painful death of animals.

Diseases that have become chronic,unfortunately, it is almost impossible to cure. However, with timely diagnosis and a well-designed treatment complex, the chances of recovery are multiplied.

When detecting liver disease in dogs - an experiencedthe specialist will appoint not only the necessary medical measures, but also explain in detail the specifics of the care for the four-legged patient. It should be remembered that in such diseases, the animal needs a special diet, which is also selected and appointed by the veterinarian.

Examination of a patient with bronchial asthma pursues several goals. Firstly, the functions of breathing are examined to determine the degree of their violation, since.

Exercises for Lung Inflammation

Depending on the stage of the disease, the localization of the inflammatory process, the violation of the function of external respiration and the general condition of the patient are selected the most.

Help with the Edema of the Lungs

Quincke's edema (angioedema, giant urticaria) is an acute allergic reaction, which manifests itself in the rapidly developing subcutaneous edema.

Among diseases of the respiratory tract, bronchitis often occurs. Bronchitis is an inflammation of the bronchial mucosa. If this is abundantly allocated.

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