The best pills for swelling

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Treatment of varicose veins with drugs is of secondary importance.

Nevertheless, it can not be argued that, therapeuticpills from varicose veins are not effective. Medications are great for complex treatment. Even after carrying out various operations, without tablets you can not do!

Without such medications it is impossible to do without inflammation, complications, trophic disorders, thrombophlebitis, etc.

All existing drugs for the treatment of varicose veins should be divided into:

  1. Phlebotonics preparations (such known drugs as detraleks, venarus, phlebodia 600, gliwenol, venoruton ginkor fort, anavenol and others) are included in the list;
  2. Anticoagulants (Clexane, Fraxiparin);
  3. Preparations from edemas (flebodia 600, detraleks,);
  4. Desaggregants (here it is possible to isolate tiklid, vasobral aspirin, doxium);
  5. With trophic changes (gliwenol, phlebodia 600, actovegin, ginkor-fort);
  6. Antioxidants (ginkort-fort, vitamin E);
  7. Fibrinolytics

As you can see from the list, some drugs are repeated, since they have several purposes and functions. The intake of such drugs is very effective and convenient.

Do not abuse tablets in treatmentvaricose veins. Everything should have a norm and a course of treatment. The body should not get used to it. Long medication can damage the work of the kidneys and stomach. Optimal use of such treatment with short courses, combined with compression therapy, gymnastics, swimming in the pool, phytotherapy.

All tablets and medications fromVaricosity is prescribed by a physician as a phlebologist. The doctor will determine the dosage and prescribe a course of treatment. With varicose veins, self-medication with pills without a doctor's prescription, is life-threatening.

  • Anavenol. A drug from the phlebotonics family. Contains active ingredients that increase the tone of the veins, make the veins walls strong. Contains rutozid and esculin.

    Very good for swelling. It makes small suction cups and capillaries less fragile and permeable.
  • Vazobral. This medicine contains caffeine. The drug does not allow platelets and erythrocytes to unite.

    Reduces the permeability of blood vessels. Increases the tone of the veins.
  • Aescin. Contains seeds of horse chestnut. Aescin reduces vascular permeability and reduces the number of asterisks.

Improves tone, relieves inflammation, reduces swelling.
Reduces blood clotting. Improves microcirculation.</ li>
  • Venitan. Another good preparation, which contains seeds of horse chestnut.

    Venitant very well protects and tones capillaries.
  • Venoruton. A drug that contains oxerutin, which actively affects the capillaries and veins. Restores the functioning of the circulatory system.

    Removes inflammation. Does not allow the appearance of blood clots.
  • Ginkor Fort. Contains active substances trokserutin and extract of ginkgo biloba.

    These substances increase the outflow of blood to the heart. Has anti-allergic functions. Reduces the permeability of the walls of the vessels.
  • Detralex. The drug very well fights with stagnation of blood in the veins.

    Narrows enlarged vessels, increases lymph flow and fluid outflow.
  • Rutin. Contains rutozid, which oakazyvaetactive effect on veins and capillaries. Strengthens the walls of blood vessels, relieves inflammation, reduces effusions, relieves convulsions, prevents the appearance of trophic ulcers.
  • Troxevasin. A drug that contains active substance troxerutin, which normalizes the functioning of the circulatory system.

    Excellent removal of inflammation, reduces the fragility of capillaries, has venotonic properties. Removes edema. Recommended for chronic venous insufficiency.
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    Phlebotonics have a favorableimpact on the tone and transformation of the venous wall, improve lymphatic drainage from the limb. Thus, the micronized fraction of flavonoids improves the tone of the veins by prolonging and increasing the contractile response of smooth muscle fibers under the action of noradrenaline. It potentiates the physiological effect of norepinephrine and the tone of the venous wall improves. Thus, the preparations protect the veins from dilatation and varicose dilatation.

    Medical preparations improve microcirculation, reduce permeability of capillaries.

    Many pills from varicose interfere with the development of cellulite and phlebitis. It is important to note that the drugs improve the outflow of lymph, which reduces to a decrease in swelling of the legs.

    I'll support Andrei. In Russia, there is a very good drug Detralex, which helps to avoid the development of varicose veins. Just do not run the disease and the health of your veins will not cause you unnecessary problems. My mother has been drinking Detralex for several years and has already forgotten about the trophic ulcers that she used to appear regularly. Now she again has the opportunity to move and even do a little bit of her favorite thing - to tinker in the beds in the country. She believes that Detralex is her only salvation.

    And I have long been familiar with detraleksom)) I drink italready several years, a year for two courses. Each course is for two months. The drug is certainly expensive, but I forgot about the problems with my legs with it. This is an excellent venotonic, supports my veins in order and does not allow further progression of my varicosity)) So the drug is good and worth its money. I am very pleased with his action.

    I also for several years have been rescued from varicose veinsusing Detralex. He very well relieves the symptoms and does not let the disease progress. I used to use ointments too and started everything, ointments do not treat, but only help a little to ease the pain. They are good in combination with internal medicines. Although now I do without any ointments, Detralex suffices. The drug is not cheap, but it does not matter when you realize that it helps many people avoid surgery and makes life much easier.

    Yes, we have a preoper Venodiol. The composition is almost the same as that of Detralex and Venarus, i.e. Hesperidin and diosmin plus 100 mg ascorbic acid. Because of ascorbic acid, I did not take it, it thickens the blood. My friend accepted him, helped her, her legs stopped aching, but her blood became thick, now she is taking a thromboassis, and I can not take it because of the intestines, then I have a crack.

    I ask you to tell me what to do. My son had varicose on his legs, he was 21 years old, but due to heavy loads in sports, this problem appeared. We already were at doctors and at the surgeon, doctors advise (especially the surgeon) operation, whether advise it is possible to do without operation. Is medication possible?

    Elvira, now ultrasound shows every detail. If after the examination the doctor concludes that the venous valves do not work, and the blood in the vein is simply stagnant and the vein expands, it is necessary to get rid of such a vein. Because there is a risk of spread and progression of varicose veins, plus the risk of a blood clot. In such cases, the tablets are useless.

    And why do not you want to have an operation? Now such an operation is called a procedure, which is done 30 minutes, after which the patient goes home. Address to the good phlebologist.

    Good health on June 15 and June 22 put leeches 1just 8 pieces 10pieces 2 times the first time the pain in his head and legs and swelling disappeared but after a days all nachilo hurt again, right now I nachil smear heparin ointment and tablet detraleks drink daily two pieces after the meal I doing the right thing. And how many days the course of treatment continues. For earlier, a big thank you.