How to drink diuretics for swelling

Diuretics (tablets, solutions)enough firmly entered our lives. They are used to adjust the acid-base balance in the body. In fact they perfectly deduce from it an excess of acid and alkali. Diuretic tablets, the list of which is quite impressive, is used in the treatment of poisoning, some injuries (especially when it comes to head injuries), to combat hypertension. But, unfortunately, not everyone knows not only the mechanism of the impact of these funds, but also the side effects that they can cause. A misuse of diuretics can lead to serious complications.

To treat many ailments, diuretics are used. The list of effective drugs continues to increase today. Diuretics are called diuretics.

Their main goal is to remove from the bodysurplus water, chemicals, salts, which tend to accumulate in the walls of blood vessels, tissues. In addition, diuretics have a positive effect on the water-salt balance.

If the body accumulates a large number of ionssodium, then subcutaneous tissue begins to be deposited. It has a very negative effect on the functioning of the kidneys, the heart, the hematopoiesis system. As a result, the patient develops a variety of diseases and disorders.

In addition, diuretics are very in demand insports medicine. Often they are used for weight loss. Very often diuretics (pills) are included in complex therapy to combat a variety of ailments.

On the effect on the body of modern diureticsare divided into two main forms. The first category of drugs affects the process of urination directly in the kidneys. The second form of diuretics is responsible for the hormonal regulation of urine formation.

There is much information that diureticstablets, the list of which is given below, easily solve also cosmetic problems. However, many people believe that such drugs are completely safe. Some women independently take such funds for weight loss. Athletes widely use drugs before the competition, wishing to drive away weight. Apply them even bodybuilders, trying to create artificial dehydration, so that the muscles look more bold.

However, people who take diureticsmeans without medical appointment, very much risk. After treatment with diuretics can turn into unpleasant consequences. It should be noted that diuretics are capable of:

  1. Eliminate potassium from the body, thereby increasing the fatigue of a person.
  2. To provoke the deposition of salts.
  3. Increase the risk of diabetes, as they contribute to an increase in the level of "bad" cholesterol.
  4. Increase urination, triggering sleep disturbance.
  5. Create problems in men with potency.

Quite often, even those patients who understandrisk, believe that the newest preparations "Indapamid", "Torasemide", "Arifon" for metabolism do not have a detrimental effect. Such drugs really are much better transferred than the medications of the old generation. However, they are also harmful to health. But the negative impact of these funds is revealed much later. It is sufficient to understand the mechanism of their action. Drugs of the new and old generation are aimed at one thing - to stimulate the kidneys for more intensive work. Consequently, they excrete more salt and water.

It is important to understand that the retention of liquid inthe body is a symptom of a serious illness. Puffiness can not occur on its own. It provokes serious failures in the functioning of the kidneys, the heart, and sometimes other causes. Consequently, diuretics are drugs (their list is very extensive) solely symptomatic. They, unfortunately, do not relieve the cause of the ailment. Thus, drugs only delay an unpleasant ending for patients. Therefore, people who want to improve their health and fight a real disease should not do with diuretics alone, let alone apply them themselves.

A unified system for dividing alldiuretics, until today, no, because all drugs have different chemical structure, differently affect the body's systems. Therefore, it is not possible to create an ideal classification.

Often, the separation occurs according to the mechanism of action. According to this classification, there are:

  1. Thiazide preparations. They are great for treating hypertension,perfectly reduce blood pressure. It is recommended to apply them in parallel with other medicines. Thiazides can adversely affect the metabolism, so prescribe a small amount of such diuretics. Preparations (the list of only the most popular ones is given in the article) from this group are Ezidrex, Hydrochlorothiazide, Chlortalidone, Indapamide, Hypothiazid, Arifon.
  2. Loop means. They remove salt, liquid from the body thanks toits effect on the filtration of the kidneys. These drugs are distinguished by a rapid diuretic effect. Loop diuretics do not affect the level of cholesterol, do not create the prerequisites for the onset of diabetes mellitus. However, their biggest drawback is a lot of side effects. The most common drugs are "Torasemide", "Furosemide", "Etakrinovaya acid", "Bumetanid."
  3. Potassium-saving products. A fairly large group of drugs. Such drugs help increase the withdrawal of chloride and sodium from the body. In this case, the removal of potassium reduces to a minimum such diuretic tablets. List of the most popular drugs: "Amilorid", "Triamteren", "Spironolactone".
  4. Antagonists of aldosterone. These diuretics provide blockingA natural hormone that keeps salt and moisture in the body. Drugs that neutralize aldosterone, contribute to the withdrawal of fluid. In this case, the content of potassium does not decrease in the body. The most popular representative is Veroshpiron.

For a good effect, strong remedies can be used. The following diuretics are used for swelling:

  • Torasemide;
  • Furosemide;
  • "Piretanid";
  • "Xipamid";
  • "Bumetanid".

The above preparations are recommended to takeshort courses. Be sure to take a break between meals. This allows you to exclude the addiction of the body to drugs and to prevent a pronounced therapeutic effect.

Can be applied and the average strength of the diuretic tablets with swelling:

  • "Hydrochlorothiazide";
  • "Hypothiazide";
  • "Chlorthalidone";
  • "Klopamid";
  • "Politiazid";
  • "Indapamide";
  • Metozalon.

Such drugs are used for a long time and continuously. The recommended dose is set by the attending physician. As a rule, it is about 25 mg per day.

With small edema, potassium-sparing diuretics are more suitable, such as Spironolactone, Amiloride, and Triamteren. They take courses (2-3 weeks) at intervals of 10-14 days.

Diuretic drugs that are used at high pressure are divided into two categories:

  1. Means that have a quick effect. Such drugs are used in hypertensive crisis, when it becomes necessary to quickly reduce pressure.
  2. Means for daily administration. Medications can maintain the optimum level of pressure.

To suppress the hypertensive crisis, potent drugs are allowed. The most popular drug is Furosemide. Its price is low. No less effective at a crisis are the following:

  • Torasemide;
  • "Bumetanid";
  • "Ectric acid";
  • "Piretanid";
  • "Xipamid."

The duration of administration of the above drugs mayto make 1-3 days. After stopping the crisis with such potent drugs go to drugs that are able to maintain the pressure on a daily basis at the required level.

The second category includes means of medium force of influence. The most demanded drugs:

  • "Indapamide";
  • "Hydrochlorothiazide";
  • "Hypothiazide";
  • "Klopamid";
  • Metozalon;
  • "Politiazid";
  • "Chlorthalidone."

These medications are taken daily as prescribed by the doctor. They perfectly maintain the optimum level of pressure.

Drugs for heart failure

Due to this pathology,fluid retention in the body. This phenomenon creates a stagnation of blood in the lungs. The patient displays many unpleasant symptoms, such as shortness of breath, swelling, enlargement of the liver, the appearance of wheezing in the heart.

For people with heart failure, a doctornecessarily enters into therapy a diuretic. It perfectly prevents severe consequences in the form of pulmonary edema, cardiogenic shock. In this case, diuretics increase the tolerance to patients with physical activity.

For patients with first and second degree of diseasea good diuretic is a thiazide drug. With more serious pathology, the patient is transferred to a strong remedy - a loop diuretic. In some cases, the drug "Spironolactone" is additionally prescribed. Especially appropriate is the use of such a remedy if the patient develops hypokalemia.

When the effect of the drug is weakened"Furosemide" cardiologists recommend replacing it with the drug "Torasemide". It is noted that the latter remedy has a more beneficial effect on the body in severe forms of heart failure.

The medicine refers to high-speed diuretics. Its effect comes after taking it for 20 minutes. The duration of the drug is about 4-5 hours.

Effectively this tool is not only forrelief hypertensive crisis. According to the instructions, the medicine helps with heart failure, swelling of the brain and lungs, poisoning with chemicals. Often, it is prescribed for late toxicosis during pregnancy.

However, the tool has both strictcontraindications. The drug is not used in the first trimester of pregnancy. Do not use it to patients with kidney failure, people who have hypoglycemia, obstruction of the urinary tract.

Low cost of the drug "Furosemide". The price is approximately 19 rubles.

The medicine is a quick-acting remedy. The drug "Furosemide" is biotransformation in the kidneys, so it is not suitable for all patients. A more effective medicine for people suffering from kidney ailments is the medicine "Torasemide", because it takes biotransformation in the liver. But with pathologies of this body, the medicine can cause serious harm.

Already after 15 minutes, the effect on the body begins (according to the instructions for use applied to the "Torasemide" preparation). The price of the product varies from 205 to 655 rubles.

Long-term studies have confirmed higheffectiveness of the drug in heart failure. In addition, the drug excels in salt and liquid. At the same time, the loss of potassium by the body is negligible, since an effective agent blocks the hormone aldosterone.

The drug is very effective in hypertensivedisease (severe and moderate severity). The product perfectly reduces pressure and maintains its optimum level throughout the day. In addition, it warns the increase of this indicator in the morning.

Take the medicine you need once a day for 1 tablet, as shown in the instruction enclosed in the preparation "Indapamide". The average price varies from 22 to 110 rubles.

Before you should readcontraindications, since an excellent remedy does not suit all patients suffering from hypertension. The drug is not intended for people who have violations in the kidneys, liver. It is forbidden to take medicine for pregnant mothers who are nursing. In case of failure of cerebral circulation, anuria, hypokalemia, the drug is contraindicated.

The drug is a mild diuretic. It is recommended to use it in combination with another diuretic drug - "Hydrochlorothiazide". Thanks to this combination, it is possible to reduce the loss of potassium by the body. A beneficial effect is given by the drug Triamteren. The instruction positions it as a potassium-sparing agent.

The medicine should be used, strictly taking into accountthe prescribed dosage. People with impaired renal function may experience an unpleasant side effect - elevated potassium levels. Sometimes the product can lead to dehydration. When interacting with folic acid, the drug helps to increase the red blood cells.

The cost of the funds is 316 rubles.

The drug is potassium and magnesium-savingmeans. This effectively removes sodium and chlorine from the body. After starting the drug, the diuretic effect occurs approximately 2-5 days.

The medicine can be prescribed for hypertension,chronic form of heart failure, cirrhosis of the liver, nephrotic syndrome. Effective use of "Spironolactone" for swelling in the 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

The drug is not intended for people who havediagnosed with diabetes mellitus, renal or hepatic insufficiency, anuria. It is forbidden to use the drug in the first trimester of pregnancy. With hyponatremia, hyperkalemia, hypercalcemia, the drug is contraindicated. You should not inject it into therapy for people with Addison's disease.

There may be side effects when taking the medicine. In some cases, the agent provokes the occurrence of hives, itching, drowsiness, headache, diarrhea, or constipation.

The cost of the money is about 54 rubles.

Many patients are interested in the opinion of those people who already take diuretics. Reviews, as a rule, contain information about effectiveness, side effects.

People who are faced with hypertensive crisis,confirm that the drug "Furosemide" very quickly and effectively able to help. However, at the same time emphasize that the use of the drug is only for the prescription of the doctor and in the recommended doses.

Confirm the effectiveness of the drug and pregnant women who use the drug in the last months of pregnancy. Patients claim that it perfectly eliminated puffiness.

However, to abuse the drug categoricallyis prohibited. After all, the drug "Furosemide" is easily enough addictive. In addition, the agent removes potassium from the body. After prolonged admission, patients may experience seizures.

The preparation "Indapamide" is quite in demand. Hypertensive drugs are often prescribed. Among patients, there is an opinion that the medicine is well tolerated by the body. In this case, the diuretic effect is favorable. Negative opinions about the drug are not observed.

Good influence on the body rendersmedicine "Torasemide". Patients taking the drug strictly according to the prescription of the doctor and under his supervision, say that the remedy is very effective. It excellently removes puffiness. However, patients do not observe any problems in the form of side effects.

Favorable results bring the body andother diuretics. Reviews about the drug "Spironolactone" indicate a strong diuretic effect. However, patients argue that the drug should only be used as directed by the doctor and in appropriate doses.

Before taking a diuretic, be sure to informdoctor about all the drugs that you take. In addition, an important factor in selecting the necessary medicine is the presence of chronic ailments. Do not arbitrarily take such funds. Follow strictly the prescription of the doctor. Take the drug at the appointed time (this will avoid unpleasant awakenings at night) and only in the dosage that you were prescribed. Such simple truths will not allow you to feel the severe consequences of taking diuretics.