Weak diuretics for swelling

Diuretics (diuretics) with edemaappointed in order to remove from the tissues of the body excess fluid accumulated due to the dysfunction of certain systems or organs, as well as an unbalanced diet. Diuretic from edema is a symptomatic treatment used by a physician in the complex therapy of the underlying disease.

Many patients suffering from outflow disordersliquids, use tablets alone or diuretic teas for swelling. The misconception about the harmlessness of this common symptom can have serious consequences. Disturbance of fluid outflow is an eloquent signal of the body, telling about failures in the work of vital organs, such as the kidneys or the heart. Constant fluid retention in the body can lead to impaired brain function.

Why not take diuretic tablets with swelling without consulting a doctor?

Wrongly picked up preparations not only nothelp the patient, but also aggravate his situation. After all, drugs that can alleviate the condition of the patient with renal edema can be harmful if the outflow of fluid is difficult in case of heart failure.

Only a diagnostic examination conductedspecialist, is able to establish the cause of fluid retention in tissues. Also, based on the diagnosis, whether it is a violation of the hormonal background or lymph flow, kidney, heart, liver, high blood pressure or increased permeability of the vessels, diuretics are selected for swelling.

Different kinds of diuretics and herbal folk dressings with edema

These medicines come asvegetable, and medicinal (chemical) origin. Medicamentous diuretics are classified among themselves according to the principle and force of influence on the body:

Loops, "ceiling" diuretics from edema. have a very powerful, but rather shortaction. This group includes Torasemide, Piretanide, Etakrinaic acid, Furosemide. Drugs are used if necessary to remove excess fluid from the body. For example, Furosemide is an effective diuretic with edema of the brain and lungs, chronic nephritis, with acute heart failure, in case of hypertensive crisis.

Loop diuretics have a number of seriouscontraindications and are not suitable for long-term use. After all, along with excess fluid they remove from the body beneficial trace elements, which adversely affects the work of the body, including the cardiovascular system.

Chicory, chamomile, cranberry leaf, bearberry,Birch buds are plants that have a powerful diuretic effect. Diuretics of herbs in edema containing all of the above components or consisting of a single medicinal plant are quite effective in the complex treatment of diseases accompanied by fluid retention. To do this, prepare the infusion: two large spoons of dry raw materials are steamed with a glass of boiling water, insist for a quarter of an hour in a water bath, cool, filter, drink throughout the day for ½ cup.

Diuretics from edema of medium strength (Plithiazide, Dichlorothiazide). The advantage of these drugs is high activity - action after one hour for twelve hours.

More often these medicines are appointed or nominated as diuretic atedema of the face with nephrotic syndrome, glaucoma, chronic heart failure. Tablets Clopamide, Oxodolin, Chlortalidone, Indapamide are similar in their activity to the above drugs, but differ from them more prolonged action.

Thiazide diuretics more often than other drugscause hypomagnesemia and hypokalemia, exacerbation of gout, increased sugar levels in the bloodstream, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, exacerbation of pancreatitis (rarely observed).

Potassium-sparing agents . These include Amilorid, Triamteren,Veroshpiron. Mildly acting on the body, diuretics of this group are able to maintain potassium in the body. To start the action of drugs, you need time (sometimes up to five days). Veroshpiron is often prescribed as a diuretic for swelling under the eyes due to kidney disease.

Weak means type Diacarb. related to inhibitors of carbonic anhydrase, are prescribed as diuretics for cardiac edema, and diuretic for swelling of the legs. The effect of Diacarb is less pronounced than that of Furosemide, but the loss of trace elements during its administration is less significant. The action begins on average two hours and lasts at least ten.

People's gathering (diuretic) with cardiac edema not less thaneffectively remove excess fluid from the body. The recipe of one of them: it is necessary to take equal parts of sporrows, cowberries, bearberry, hips and juniper fruits, calendula flowers, yarrow, Ivans tea, cudweed. A large spoon of herbal tea is put on a glass of boiling water and insisted in a thermos. Infusion is taken by 1/3 cup for 15 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner course of three months.

A popular diuretic folk remedy foredema of the feet - it compresses from sea salt (for 5 liters of water, 100 grams of sea salt) or a decoction of dandelions. To prepare the broth you need a glass of boiling water and ten yellow flowers. The broth should be consumed during the day for three meals.

The drug Tsiston belongs to the group of plantsafe diuretics for swelling, which are not contraindicated to pregnant women. Diuretic in pregnancy from edema, which includes only natural components, will not harm the health of women and the future baby.

Diuretic teas with edema, brewed from chamomileor rose hips will also help to get rid of a woman from swollen feet during pregnancy. To do this, it is necessary to boil a handful of rose hips in boiling water for 10 minutes, cool, add honey (2 tablespoons). Drink tea 4 times a day for a glass.

Chamomile tea during pregnancy is drunk slightly boiled, not more than two glasses a day.


Diuretics coping with leg swelling

Swelling of the legs in people of different ages canformed when accumulating excess fluid in the tissues, which is most often the case with a violation of the circulatory process. This is the first signal that the body is failing. You can not get rid of the ailment completely, until the doctor is determined.

Diuretics for eye swelling

Often in the morning in the eye area becomenoticeable swelling, which unpleasantly spoils the outline of the face. Such manifestations are especially catchy after the holidays, when the use of drinks has passed the norm or salty food has got the better of the useful. If such swelling in the morning becomes frequent.

Diuretic for the removal of edema of the face

Intercellular fluid in tissues can be collectedalmost anywhere. Particularly noticeable is the puffiness of the face, which can appear in both men and women of completely different ages with malnutrition, excessive exhaustion, lack of sleep, alcohol abuse, in the presence of certain diseases.

Diuretics for pulmonary edema

The lungs of each person areinterlacing a large number of alveoli, which are densely braided by small blood vessels - capillaries. To maintain life and the normal functioning of the body must constantly pass the gas exchange process. When a liquid (transudate) enters the alveoli with air or instead of it.


Diuretics for edema

Diuretic tablets with edema that helpto accelerate the separation of urine, have been used in treatment for about 50 years. They are prescribed for a variety of diseases as a remedy that in a short time causes the body to get rid of excess water that causes puffiness. They are exceptionally symptomatic.

Safe and natural diuretics

Diuretics for edema, presentedtoday in a huge number of different pharmaceutical companies, help to quickly remove excess fluid collected in tissues. Each medicine was severely tested. However, many of them have both a positive effect on the body, and a number of negative side effects.

Traditional diuretics

The kidneys function as natural filtersorganism, which participate in the process of cleansing the body, regulation of the water-salt balance. As soon as there is a violation of their function, edema develops. How to get rid of excess fluid with folk medicine? Modern herbalists use the colossal centuries-old experience of using medicinal plants at.