Pills for swelling

Intercellular fluid in tissues can be collectedalmost anywhere. Particularly noticeable is the puffiness of the face, which can appear in both men and women of completely different ages with malnutrition, excessive exhaustion, lack of sleep, alcohol abuse, in the presence of certain diseases, during pregnancy. It will help to remove the excess water from the body of the water that is diuretic in case of edema of the face, but it is strictly forbidden to take medicines without the doctor's prescription. To defeat this disease you need to find the cause of its appearance and, if necessary, to undergo diagnostics. If the puffiness is caused by a disease of the internal organs, diuretics can be prescribed for swelling of the face. If the cause of fluid accumulation is a wrong lifestyle or diet, you will have to correct them or remove unhealthy habits from your life.

Using diuretics to relieve swelling

Any diuretic helps to remove swellingsyndrome, but he does not fight the cause that caused him. As soon as the diuretic effect of the drug is over, the liquid will again begin to accumulate. Only after passing the diagnosis, complex treatment of the disease begins. To facilitate the patient's condition, the doctor can recommend synthetic diuretics for facial swelling. However, it builds up to know that they do not act locally, therefore, when the diuretic is taken, the entire body is dehydrated, useful micronutrients are lost.

When swelling of the face must necessarily takediuretic pills if swelling increases. While the main drug will treat the existing disease, loop or thiazide diuretics serve as an assistant, that is, help to remove the symptoms of the disease for a while.

Natural natural diuretics with morning swelling of the face

If the face looks unnatural in the morning, becauseits features distort the emerging puffiness, you can use folk remedies to eliminate the problem. In addition, you will have to revise the sleep regime and your own diet.

From folk recipes you can try a variety of: from extremely simple to complex:

  1. Morning contrast washing helps to normalize blood circulation. As a result, excess fluid from the tissues goes away.
  2. Rosemary water will help a person fight with swelling. Sprinkle the plant sprigs with hot boiling water and leave for infusion for a week. After this means you can wash yourself.
  3. Masks for the face of fresh vegetables - beautifulhelp with swelling. You can use what was found in the refrigerator. A quick effect is provided by potatoes, cucumber, parsley, rosemary. Shredded greens or slices of vegetables are laid out in places of formation of "bags" for 15 minutes.
  4. Compresses from tea brewing help to cope withproblem. Take the bags with the tea leaves and arrange them on the face, as in the previous recipe. Instead of bags you can take cotton swabs, soaked in tea. In the morning it is good to wipe the skin of the cheeks, around the eyes with ice cubes from tea.