Drug from edemas from germany

Reduce swelling of the legs and pain symptoms,improve the condition of veins and microcirculation, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, you can help medications prescribed for venous insufficiency: tablets, ointments and gels.

Specialists-phlebologists assert, that atSerious forms of the disease can be helped only by cardinal measures: surgical intervention, application of the intravenous laser method, sclerotherapy, radiofrequency coagulation of veins and others.

To remove the vascular "sprockets" that are formed when the intracutaneous small vessels are dilated with diameters of only 0.1-1.2 mm, the methods of microsclerotherapy and microthermocoagulation are used ..

Application of modern preparations-venotonic. having a tonic and firming effecton the veins, with a complex approach, does not completely cure of varicose veins, but it has an effective preventive effect with the first symptoms. The main action is to stop the progressing development of varicose veins, improve the condition of the vessels and capillaries, reduce puffiness, eliminate night cramps and heaviness in the legs by evening,

In order for the action of the venotonic drugswas more effective, it is recommended to use coagulant drugs that help reduce blood viscosity and eliminate the possibility of blood clots: aspirin-cardio, cardiomagnet and others. And it is necessary to wear a compression jersey. The exercises and hardening of the vessels will help.

All medications should be prescribed by the attending physician, taking into account contraindications. Especially it is necessary to treat the independent use of venotonics during pregnancy.

Review of effective drugs for varicose veins.

In the first place - the drug Detralex.

Effective venotonic, prescribed for venousinsufficiency. Reduces the extensibility of veins, has a tonic effect, reduces the permeability of capillaries, prevents venous stasis. The active substance is diosmin. The price: 1300-1400 rubles. Tablets in a shell.

The drug improves blood circulation, strengthensthe walls of blood vessels and capillaries, has a phlebotenic effect, eliminates the symptoms of heaviness and burning sensation in the legs. Pills. The price: 730-780 rubles. Based on diosmin. Production - France.

The drug, which is written by the most controversialreviews on the forums. Someone is satisfied with the effect and recommends it to others, and someone expresses his opinion about the ineffectiveness of using expensive gel. This is probably due to the condition of the veins, the degree of development of varicose veins, the way the drug was used: as part of complex therapy or separately.

Lyoton is prescribed for prevention and treatmentthrombophlebitis of superficial veins, with superficial mastitis, with injuries and bruises. It has antiexudative and antithrombotic action, eliminates inflammatory processes, improves microcirculation and accelerates the regeneration of tissues, resorption of thrombi and hematomas. The price: 505-560 rubles. Production - Italy. The active ingredient is sodium heparin.

The same action has a heparin ointment andheparin-gel. Those who used domestic analogues write that the effect of the application is lower than when using the lyoton, but the price: 50-140 rubles, allows the drug to be used regularly.

- also contains heparin. The gel is applied externally with prolonged manifestation of varicose veins, with ulcers and hemorrhoids. The price: 310 r.

It is used for venous insufficiency and acutehemorrhoids, with frequent convulsions, pain, sensation of heaviness in the legs, with trophic disturbances. Active substances: diosmin and hesperidin. Pills. Price: 750 rub.

It is prescribed for venous insufficiency and has an effect similar to all venotonic drugs. The active substance is rutosite. Price: 650. Production - Spain.

The drug normalizes the permeability of the wallscapillaries and strengthens them, has a venotonic and protective effect, reduces the symptoms of varicose veins: edema, trophic disorders, pain, reduces the risk of seizures and venous dermatitis. The active substance is rutosite. It is applied externally. The price of gel: 330-350. Production - Switzerland.

Bioflavonoid, is used for a violation of the venousblood circulation. Reduces pain symptoms and swelling, improves microcirculation and strengthens the walls of blood vessels, eliminates nocturnal cramps. The active substance is troxerutin. The price: 290-300 rubles. Capsules. Production - Bulgaria.

The gel has an anti-inflammatory,anti-edematous, antioxidant action. Reduces the permeability of cell membranes and improves the condition of capillary cells, reduces puffiness and heaviness. Strengthens the action of ascorbic acid. At application it is easily absorbed. The price: 25-30 rubles. Gel. Manufacturer - Russia.

It is used for venous insufficiency, ulcers and trophic lesions, with venous dermatitis, convulsions, as a strengthening agent after surgery on the veins.

Phytopreparation from the leaves of red grapes. Normalizes the permeability of the vascular walls, prevents the formation of edema, reduces existing swelling, protects the epithelial tissue of the vessels, eliminates the feeling of heaviness and fatigue. It is used for paresthesia - a change in the sensitivity of tissues. Capsules. Price: 1700 rubles.

Antistax gel - 1060 rubles. Production - Switzerland.

Antistaks spray - 540 r. production - Germany. The drug has a cooling and moisturizing effect, eliminates the symptoms of fatigue, severity, discomfort.

Phytopreparation based on the extract of Gingo Biloba,contains troxerutin. As well as all drugs used for venous insufficiency, it has a toning effect, anti-edema, antioxidant effect, reduces the risk of thrombus formation. The price: 240-260 rubles. Production - France.

Another drug based on the extract of Gingo Biloba, contains troxerutin and heptaminol. Price: 570. Manufacture - France.

Refers to the group of phytopreparations usedwith violations of venous circulation. Improves the tone of veins and microcirculation, has anti-inflammatory and anti-edematic effect, reduces the fragility of capillaries, has a regenerating effect, accelerating the recovery of cells. Price: 230-250 rubles. Capsules. The manufacturer is Germany.

Phytopreparation based on horse chestnut extract. Has a tonic and antiexudative effect. It reduces swelling, itching, burning, pain, feeling of heaviness in the legs and fatigue. Additionally contains aescin and thiamine. The price: 140-160 р. Production - Germany. Is taken internally for 50 mg of extract.

To strengthen the walls of blood vessels, as an additional prophylaxis of varicose veins and treatment, it is recommended to eat foods containing vitamins C, E and B3, as well as zinc.

Personal experience - how to reduce fatigue of the feet while working long hours at the computer.

The development of the site, the creation of new articles, takes6-8 hours of work at the computer, 3-4 days a week. I never had any problems with the condition of the veins - thanks to the sport and the sauna. Two months ago, when the first unpleasant symptoms appeared: tired legs and a slight numbness of the left leg, I immediately took action. Of course, in 43 the state of the body is not the same as in 20, but I add troubled legs to the problem back, I have no desire.

First, I included in my morning complexExercise usual legs and legs and exercise "bicycle". Secondly, every hour I just force myself to get up and at least walk around the room. A simple exercise for microvibration helps: rise on the toes 4-5 cm from the floor and drop sharply, 10-20 times. In a literal sense, an excellent shake for the whole body.

Thirdly, I bought Venotropin, a package of folic acidacid and 2 - ascorutin. Ascorutin strengthens the walls of the vessels, and folic acid - vitamin B9. is considered an important "female" vitamin. Gel used 5 days in the morning and in the evening, tablets - 2 in the morning. Now, when almost everything has returned to normal, I sometimes use a gel for the night, after a foot massage with a cool shower. Folic acid and askorutin took 2 courses with a break of 10 days. Within 20 days she brewed herbs that improve the condition of the vessels. clover, St. John's wort, nettle and oregano. After a 10-day break, I prepared a mixture of lemons and garlic to clean the vessels.

Before going to bed, 5-10 minutes, I lay with raised oncushion legs. The condition of the feet is now, practically, the same. But once again I understood the simple truth - timely prevention can save from the subsequent treatment of any disease, including - varicose veins.