Heparin ointment removes swelling

Attention! Before using medicines, consult a specialist!

I was advised to take a lyoton gel when I stretched my leg to remove swelling.
From the advantages of this gel I can note:
1. Swelling becomes less after 2-3 applications with a frequency of 5-6 hours.
2. Does not leave any marks on clothes.
3. Quickly absorbed and dries.
Of the shortcomings:
1. Has a rather sharp smell. If you will smear before going to bed, it is better to do it in the bathroom, and not in the bedroom.
2. Price in comparison with analogues.

The first time I bought a gel, I was upset. I came home, read the composition and decided that I had wasted so much money, because the main component of this gel is heparin sodium salt. I thought that it would be cheaper for me to have a simple heparin ointment. On a second visit to the surgeon asked why he did not prescribe the usual heparin ointment, and so, to me the surgeon replied that just because of its composition, the lyoton gel and relieves swelling is much more effective than just a heparin ointment. In general, the effect of the application, I was satisfied, I used it again in pregnancy - also to relieve swelling.

Overall Impression. Removes edema.