Ointment for removing edema and inflammation

Like many other ailments, diseasesthe musculoskeletal system in our time is noticeably "younger", and this is associated with a sedentary lifestyle, uneven physical activity, irrational nutrition and a number of other factors.

However, in the solution of a specific therapeutic task, even the use of an analgesic ointment does not cancel other necessary means of treatment.

As an anesthetic for external use apply gels, ointments, balsams and creams.

In particular, to the group of non-steroidalanti-inflammatory agents, is the well-known Fastum-gel containing ketoprofen, combined with some auxiliary elements that enhance the effect of the drug. Fastum-gel is used for renal colic, painful sensations after hypothermia, as well as post-traumatic and post-operative pain. Traditionally, this tool is used as an ointment for back pain.

The same group includes drugs, the active ingredient of which is ibuprofen, diclofenac, nimesulide and idomethacin.

There is also a group of analgesic combined preparations.

A well-known representative of this group isDolobien company Radiopharm, which not only has analgesic properties, but is able to relieve inflammation, improve tissue regeneration, it exhibits a thrombological and resorptive effect. Such a wide range of possibilities makes it possible to use this drug for pains resulting from injuries. Properties Dolobene perfectly manifested in the hamatomas and edema accompanying trauma.

In this kind of drugs several active substances are used. For example, in Doloben, dexpanthenol, heparin and dimethylsulfoxide are used.

To the group of drugs that have an anesthetic and local irritant effect, for example, Finangel's ointment. containing two active substances nonivamide and nicoboxyl.

The combined effect of these substances allowsto provide analgesic effect, and also to expand blood vessels, which ensures the inflow of blood to the inflamed zone and intensifies the nutrition of tissues and metabolism. This is a very effective drug. With back pain, which is triggered by myalgia and lumbago, with post-traumatic pains, as well as painful discomfort caused by physical exertion, this remedy proved to be the best.

The funds of the group of chondroprotectors are famous for their anti-inflammatory effect . From well-known representatives we will indicate ointmentChondroxide. Here two active substances - chondroitic sulfate and dimethylsulfoxide. Preparations of the group of chondroprotectors slow down degenerative processes and favor the regeneration of cartilaginous tissue. These funds are often prescribed for back pain.

Homoeopathic group drugs improve metabolismsubstances, and not only favor the restoration of cartilaginous tissue, but also protect it from destruction. They are also able to exert an analgesic effect. Most often, these preparations are prepared using micro-doses of plant and mineral components, the combined effect of which has anti-inflammatory, immunostimulating, anti-edema and analgesic effects. Apply homoeopathic drugs are used for pain caused by trauma and various inflammations.

However, a number of doctors do not believe in the efficacy of homeopathic remedies, and their curative effect is not confirmed by full-fledged scientific research.

There is also a very significant groupanesthetics, represented by massage balms and phytotherapeutic drugs, which show a different effect. These are plant complexes that combine with other natural components, such as mummies, bee venom and others.

The combined effect of these components is positiveaffects the patient's body and produces an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, absorbing effect, normalizing metabolism and accelerating the regeneration of cartilaginous tissue.

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