Causes of swelling of the face and hands

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Puffiness on the hands today arises in peopleof different ages, both old and small are affected by this ailment. Often, its main cause is a fluid retention in the body, then this is a secondary sign of some disorders in the body, a hidden internal disease. Hence, the doctor advises starting treatment with a search for its causes, which will determine the direction of therapy and getting rid of this unpleasant symptom. Particular attention must be paid to a person if swelling is manifested in an asymmetric form, more pronounced on one of the hands. The reasons for the swelling of the hands are always difficult to find, their search is associated with the responsibility before a possible error.

Why do edema appear?

Edema is caused by a different pathology, and may differ:

  • time and place of appearance,
  • the speed of manifestation and spread,
  • degree of defeat.

Often, the hands swell along with other parts of the body- feet, face, neck. This is what is seen from the outside, but it should be remembered that the accumulation of fluid occurs inside the body, and swelling on the hands is only an external manifestation. Sometimes they appear for an unknown reason and pass by themselves, then the person does not pay attention to them and does not hurry for medical help. Sometimes they stay for a long time, they go through hard, then it speaks of serious diseases, which only a doctor can cope with.

Distinctive features of internal pathologies, which are usually accompanied by edema in the hands, are violations of the permeability of capillaries, vessels responsible for lymph drainage.

Also indicative may be an unexpectedincrease in body weight. The reasons for this - in a mechanical obstruction, which stops the normal flow of venous blood and the withdrawal of lymph from the tissues. For the legs and hands life presents the highest loads, so they are most susceptible to edema formation. And the disturbed mechanics of lymph drainage is not the only reason that a person feels puffiness by the evening, sees enlarged arms.

Among all the reasons for the flow of arms, the most common ones are:

  • low protein in the blood;
  • change in the composition of lymph;
  • damage to the walls of blood vessels;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • various disorders of the nervous system;
  • internal diseases;
  • injuries, bruises;
  • diseases of the lymphatic system - lymphedema, lymphostasis.

Inside the capillaries, the pressure can be increased byreasons of lack of sleep, chronic fatigue, which leads to the accumulation of fluid under the skin of the hands, to a discoloration and appearance of the skin. Everyone knows the cause of swelling on the hands, face - unhealthy lifestyle, drunkenness. In this case, the swollen hands have a special cyanotic color of the skin. Remove external symptoms will help to eliminate the main causes of edema.

Both in adults and in children edema can appear inhot, dry days, when for natural reasons the fluid is worse removed from the body. This leads to stagnation of lymph in the tissues, to a worsening of its outflow. In this case, we are talking about vascular-lymphatic disorders. Possible and everyday reasons - in a dream a person just lay awkwardly, slept for a long time, resulting in the formation of edema of the hands.

A variety of reasons forswelling, should lead a person to the conclusion that it is impossible to understand the causes themselves, one should only seek medical help. The maximum that can be done independently to remove edema is to drink a diuretic tea, and this should be done with an eye on the work of the heart.

Drugs without a doctor's appointment should not be taken, as the wrong dosage or the long-term administration of the same drug can lead to complications.

The main recommendations, how to remove edema on the hands,if they appear regularly, they consist in a balanced diet, rational fluid intake, special gymnastics. Of the widely known products that help to remove edema, doctors advise watermelon, green tea, black currant, grapes. Helps to remove the edema on the hands of the introduction of a diet of fermented milk products.

Simple and affordable means of phytotherapy - brothsburdock root and cranberry leaves, infusion of cornflower flowers. Any means that help reduce the swelling of the hands should have the property of maintaining a balance of potassium in the body, so as not to harm the work of the heart. But first of all it is necessary to find the reasons, take care of the treatment of internal organs, not only to remove the edema, but also to eliminate the factors causing them.