Swelling of the hands in men

Edema is considered exclusively female problems. Then why do men's legs swell? This question is rarely raised, men are trying not to focus attention on such a problem.

Edema can be a serious symptom that can not be neglected by men.

The main causes of foot swelling in men

  • heart attack;
  • arthritis of rheumatoid nature;
  • injuries;
  • abuse of drugs that increase potency;
  • the use of proteins, creatines;
  • excessive completeness.
  • multiple physical activities;
  • eating salted food;
  • smoking and alcoholism.

Characteristics of types of edema in men

Depending on the disease, edema is localized and looks different:

  • Traumatic edema - rapid spread of swelling around the site of injury (from injury to fracture).
  • Cardiac edema - it's leg edema, cold with cyanotic color, with pricking and numb areas. The mild cases of cardiac edema are the feet, the heavier ones are joined by the swelling of the thigh and higher.
  • Pulmonary edema - edema of the legs, due to lung diseases, combined with weakness and shortness of breath, coughing.
  • Arthrosis edema - this swelling of the extremities in arthritis, which are supplemented by hot skin and redness, combined with severe pain, short-term nature.

Means to combat swelling in men

It is possible to use a medicamental, folk and physiotherapeutic method of treating edema.

Recommendations for getting rid of edema:

  • decrease in foot loads;
  • wearing special stockings for men;
  • use of instep support;
  • baths of sea salt;
  • non-steroidal ointments;
  • Active weight loss;
  • treatment of the underlying disease.