Swelling of the hands after sleep

I'd like to wait a little bit earlier.)), and there it will turn out.
And you still have a girl? Pink bought a lot?
I'm looking at something pink with a very skeptical look, 2 suits from three - yellow.)) There will be my little girl a chicken. :))

But we do not know if the girl is. No definiteness of%)
28/05/2007 18:42

At the cot the sides and the canopy are pistachio. To them, I personally washed the bed linen white-yellow-green in all sorts of seals, bears and the proverb of little animals-3 sets.

The diaper bought for some reason - white, pink and peach.

Envelope (or I do not know how to call it - from abovestraps, bottom bag for legs) with seals - pink, and to him the little boots and hats are also pink%) But the trifle all this knitted was selected solely to the envelope, he was painfully cute - and he had no other color options. How to grow from an envelope - we will be in other colors :)

And on the extract we will have a diaper with an embroidered corner and a pistachio envelope very cute, I myself was going to sew it at all - but in the store where I came to look at the fabric, I looked very much!

I ordered a beige for the carriage. A. More flannelette blankets, too, infection, pink. And a bathing towel with a hood and ears. Right now I'm sitting and thinking - I do not like pink. Itself does not wear it at all. From what a fright bought pink. To the cat with me combined, I'll have to quickly change into an orange to change. And in other decent colors :) And if the boy is himself to blame, that in time before the uzistom did not turn the necessary angle and the first month will be in pink%) And there we'll change clothes.

Re: But we do not know if the girl is. No definiteness of%)
28/05/2007 19:19

you are straight good fellows, I watch every second mom sews something.))
We will need to buy everything. What is the child on the statement, I do not even know yet.
Pleases that the best friend said that she boughtMe much for the first time: diapers, diapers, bath, thermometer, powder / cream for diapers, pleases that she, really, knows what will be needed and what is better, because at the very 3-year-old child, although she warned that she would bring everything only to the hospital or immediately after childbirth. And about the crib, we decided with my husband for the first time basisinet (such a cradle up to 6 months with music, backlighting).
And what about the orange color - it's cool! There will be a child of the sun.))
We need here in the perinatal to show photos of rooms or things for children, it is very interesting and will exchange experiences / ideas. )) I still have nothing to show, but you can boast. ))

Re: But we do not know if the girl is. No definiteness of%)
28/05/2007 19:44