Edema of palms of hands

Good afternoon! Help or Assist to understand - within 2-2,5 years at me the palms periodically (more often right) - sensations as after a frost - a pricking inside, appear small red specks, it is scratched somehow inside, and the edema, serious enough (I can not compress fist markups). And only the palm and fingers on the inside - on the outside hand is normal. This happens twice a month (after 1-1.5 hours passes), and I do not know what it is connected with. I do not even know what kind of doctor to turn to. Allergies to anything not and never was, for 15 years hr. pyelonephritis, 1,5 years ago COP under general anesthesia (emergency in time - the neck did not open 10 hours, the pregnancy was excellent) - this is a general picture of health, if necessary. I do not take any medicine. I will be very grateful if you answer, since I somehow think that this is somehow connected with the heart.

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August 28, 2011, 11:29 PM

Hello, to start make biochemicalblood test (rheumatic test) and rheovasogram of the hands. In such cases, it is useful to keep a diary with graphs: the date, the day of the cycle (the 1st day, the 1st day of the month), what did (including cleaning, washing, gloves, buffets, unusual food), your sensations, the appearance of edema and spots. This is boring, but it allows you to deduce a regularity. Good luck!

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