Ointment with swelling of the hands

With closed injuries, compression of the body, whensoft tissues are damaged - edema, internal hemorrhages, inflammation of tissues, causing pain to the person and not aesthetic appearance in the place of bruise, trauma. Severe bruises can be accompanied by hemorrhages, forming bruises (bruises), severe pain. With injuries of the ulnar nerve, shin, periosteal pain can be very intense.

After any injury if there is a strongunbearable pain should always consult a doctor, since abdominal injuries can be accompanied by ruptures of the internal organs - kidneys, spleen, etc., head trauma - concussion (symptoms), joint injuries can be accompanied by a hemorrhage into the joint cavity, chest - hemorrhage into the pleura. These conditions are extremely dangerous and require timely medical attention.

Therefore, ointments from bruises, bruises (bruises),stretching is only the first aid that can be given to a person after a stroke to alleviate pain. When is a minor injury not required for medical assistance?

  • The pain is not strong, it is felt only by touching the area of ​​the injury
  • The edema at the site of injury is not large
  • Skin is not damaged
  • The bruise does not spread further, it disappears on its own in 1-2 weeks

What ointment helps against bruises, swelling afterinjury? If you use the following tools, you should know that in the beginning it is better to use the products in the form of a gel, they penetrate the damaged tissues faster, then you can switch to ointments or creams. And also, to determine what is more worrisome after trauma - pain, swelling, appearance of the hematoma. Since tavmah can use several different groups of drugs of local action, with different actions due to the medicines or herbs that make up them:

  • NSAIDs are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that have the greatest anesthetic and anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Ointments from bruises, hematomas - these drugs shouldhave a good resorbtion, they include drugs with the active substance heparin, troxerutin, badyaga, leech extract, preparations based on comfrey, arnica.
  • Ointments from edema after trauma are NPVS, badyaga, comfrey, heparin, troxevasin
  • Warm-up ointments after injury - have a distracting effect, also contribute to the removal of pain (to a lesser extent than NSAIDs) and faster healing of the injury site.

Ointments from bruises, hematomas

Contains Spongilla lacustris sponge extractfragilis (Badyagi), if applied right after the injury, damage to the athlete - the cream prevents the appearance of a bruise, if 2 hours after the trauma - it disappears after 2 days, if the cream is applied after the day after the injury - it is eliminated after 3 days.

The cream is applied to the skin in circular movements up to 5 r / day.

  • Bruise-off gel with extract of leech, pentoxifylin, BOA, TEA, ethoxydiglycol, carbomer (about 100 rub)

The gel accelerates the resorption of bruising, contributes to the rapid disappearance of bruises, reduces swelling after injuries, surgical interventions. Contraindicated in violation of blood clotting.

Apply gel, ointment Bruise-off - 5 r / day, after soaking in the skin after 10 minutes, you can repeat the application of the product to the painful area.

  • Indovazin - gel for external use, with active ingredients Indomethacin + Troxerutin (price about 150-180 rub)

Indomethacin is an NSAID (see below a complete list of similar ointments), it has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, reduces swelling, pain, redness at the site of the injury.
Troxerutin is a derivative routine, it strengthens the vascular wall, reduces fragility and permeability of capillaries, improves microcirculation. Used for hematomas of different origin.

Contraindicated in pregnancy, lactation, children under 14 years, with ulcerative gastrointestinal lesions, blood coagulation disorders.

Apply a gel 1-2 cm 3 p / day on the area of ​​the bruise, hematoma.

Means from bruises with Arnica

Ointments, gels with arnica possessanti-inflammatory, locally irritating, analgesic, regenerating (wound healing), antibacterial action. Arnica mountain - a perennial medicinal plant, is a part of a mass of medicinal ointments and cosmetic creams.

After applying such funds to the bruise, hematomairritation of receptors of subcutaneous tissues and skin that promotes the formation of endorphins, enkephalins that regulate pain, influence the permeability of blood vessels, local blood flow is activated, which speeds up the resorption of hemorrhages, in addition, these agents pleasantly cool the site of injury.

Indications. this means for resorption of subcutaneous hematomas, bruises, with bruises of soft tissues, muscle pains, sprains, injuries, abrasions, insect bites, in sports medicine (for athletes with injuries and for massage).
Contraindications: pregnancy, lactation, children under 18 years old, allergic dermatoses, hypersensitivity, violation of the integrity of the skin.
Dosage and method of application: Apply a uniform gel or ointment with a thin layer of 2-4 r / day for 1-2 weeks.
Side effect: With prolonged use, it is possible to develop blistering dermatitis in places of skin damage.

homeopathic remedy
(the price is 180 rubles)

homeopathic pharmacy (170 rubles)

Cream from bruises and bruises. Composition: buckwheat and arnica 250 rub.

Ointments from hematomas, bruises based on heparin and troxerutin

The most effective drug for fastdisappearance of bruises, bruising, hematoma is - heparin, it has an anticoagulant effect, so it facilitates rapid resorption of blood clots formed under the skin, and improves the condition of small capillaries.

Heparin ointment - heparin, benzocaine, benzilnicotinate - price for 25g. 60 rubles.

The most effective heparin ointment from bruises(hematomas), bruises, because in addition to heparin (antithrombic effect), benzilovate nicotinic acid (dilates the blood vessels), improves the absorption of heparin, and also the local anesthetic benzocaine, which has an analgesic effect. The course of treatment with funds that contain heparin is from 5 to 15 days.
Indications for use: except for injuries, bruises of joints, tendons, muscles, as well as subcutaneous hematomas, is used in edema, trophic ulcers, with external hemorrhoids (treatment). internal hemorrhoids (symptoms). mastitis.
Contraindications: ulcerative-necrotic processes, open wounds, deep venous thrombosis, hypersensitivity. Do not use together with NSAIDs, antihistamines, tetracyclines.
Side effects: redness of the skin, sensation of heat, allergic reactions.
Method of application: applied to the damaged area, if the diameter of damage of 3-5 cm, 2-4 cm in an amount of ointment is rubbed 2-3 p / day course of 3-7 days.

heparin sodium 30gr.300rub, 50gr.400rub. 100gr.600 rub.

heparin sodium - 30gr. 200 rubles, 50gr. 300 rubles.

heparin sodium, the price of 30 gr.-180руб.50гр.280 р.

heparin sodium, price 30gr. 130 rubles.

Active substance - troxerutin, which reduces the fragility of capillaries, has an anti-inflammatory property, relieves edema.

  • Troxevasin 40 g. 170 rubles.
  • Troxerutin - 40 g. 25-30 rub.

Indications. swelling and pain after stretching, bruises, dislocations, as well as with dermatitis against the background of varicose veins (see the treatment of varicose veins at home), acute thrombophlebitis and periphoebitis.
Contraindications and side effects. hypersensitivity, possible the development of allergic reactions - dermatitis, eczema (symptoms), urticaria (symptoms).
Dosage and administration. 2 times a day (morning and evening) with light movements, gently massaging the gel until completely penetrated into the skin. Use only on damaged areas, do not apply to open wounds.

Combined ointments with dexpanthenol

In the composition of such gels, except dexpanthenol, there may be the same - heparin, troxerutin (Troxevasin NEO, Venolife), as well as allantoin (Hepatrombin) or dimethylsulfoxide (Dolobene).
Dexpanthenol - when used locallyis transformed into vitamin B (pantothenic acid), therefore its effectiveness is comparable to the action of pantothenic acid, which contributes to the regeneration of damaged areas of the skin.
Allantoin - possesses anti-inflammatory action, promotes the proliferation of tissue cells and stimulate metabolism.
Dimethyl sulfoxide - has a localan analgesic effect, because it reduces the rate of pain impulses in peripheral neurons, also contributes to better penetration into the affected tissues of other drugs that make up the gel. In addition, Dimethyl sulfoxide has anti-edematous action due to inactivation of hydroxyl radicals and its hygroscopic properties.

Ingredients: heparin, dexpanthenol and troxerutin - 40 g. 220 rubles.

Composition: heparin, dexpanthenol and troxerutin - 40 gr.220 rub. 100 g 470-550 rub.

Ingredients: Sodium heparin, allantoin, dexpanthenol, 40 g. 220 rubles.

Ingredients: sodium heparin, dexpanthenol, dimethylsulfoxide 50 gr. 230-300 rub.

Composition: Heparinoid, Price: 150-170 rub.
The Zentiva geparoid reduces the elevatedcoagulability of blood in trauma, reduces the likelihood of blood clots, swelling, bruising at the site of injury, accelerates the resorption of bruises. As a result of anticoagulant, anti-inflammatory action, a feeling of tension, pain in the place of trauma is reduced.
Application. Heparoid applied to the damaged surface in a layer of 1 mm 2-3 r / day and rubbed until absorbed. With extensive hematomas, it is best to put an impenetrable bandage at night.

Ointments with badyah, comfrey

Ointments from bruises and bruises based on variousmedicinal plants also have anti-edematous, anti-inflammatory, absorbable effect, among them are plants such as Badiaga and Okopnik.

  • Comfrey Doctor Tyson (150 rubles)
  • Lycosteal balm with comfrey and bee venom (price 90 rub)
  • Lycostea balm for the body (70 rub)

Comfrey - known in folk medicine root,which is used for the treatment of many diseases, especially it is effective in the damage of joints, bone tissue, it is also called the Liver. For resorption of hematomas ointments, cream and gels with comfrey are excellent, in addition, they neutralize swelling, have anesthetic effect, promote tissue epithelization, stimulate cell proliferation, regenerate damaged tissues.
There were no contraindications and side effects.
Indications: bruising, bruises, fractures of bones, sprains, dislocations, cracks on the heels, dry skin of the foot, long-healing wounds.
Application. on the night of the damaged area is applied ointment and wrapped with a napkin, if a gel is used, it should be carefully rubbed 3-4 r / day.

  • Badyaga Forte gel 70 rub.

Gels and creams based on badyagi - naturalproducts with unique resorbability properties. Badyaga is a freshwater sponge, the skeleton of which consists of silica needles, which are linked together by a spongin, an organic substance. The action of gels with badyagi is based on irritation of the skin with silicon needles, which leads to vasodilation, activation of blood supply, as well as bactericidal and resorptive action. After the application of the gel, the skin becomes red and has a slight warming effect.
Indications: acne, pigmentation spots (see how to get rid of pigment spots on the face), bruising, bruises, sciatica, rheumatism, arthritis.
Contraindications. intolerance to gel components: for the test, first apply the gel or cream to the elbow bend, evaluate the reaction. Do not use with open wounds, if the integrity of the skin is broken.
Application: The ointment of badyuga is rubbed with bruises on the affected area of ​​3-4 r / day preferably immediately after the injury.

From bruises and sprains - means of warming up action

For a local anesthetic, distractingeffect in damage and stretching, edema, it is also possible to use ointments that improve metabolic processes due to the heating effect, improve the circulation of blood in damaged soft tissues. No matter synthesized drugs, as well as ointments, which include snake venom, bee venom, warming agents, oils:

Composition: nonivamyl and nicoboxyl.
Price 20gr. 250-280 rub.

Composition: capsaicin, ethylene glycol salicylate, ethyl nicotinate.
Price 50gr. 150-200 rub.

Composition: Nikoboxil and Noniwamide

Ingredients: bee venom, methyl salicylate and allyl isothiocyanate.
The price is 150-170 rubles.

Ingredients: clove flower oil, camphor, tincture of sweet pepper, mustard oil, cinnamon alcohol, thymol, eucalyptus oil, methyl salicylate, Chloral hydrate.
Price 25 gr. 100-140 rubles.

  • Arthro-active warming, balm and cream

Ingredients: dietary supplements, incense extract (boswellia), capsaicin.
The price is 100-120 rubles.

Ingredients: chilli pepper extract

Price: 30 gr. 130-150 rubles.

Ingredients: benzyl nicotinate,
nonivamide, camphor racemic, turpentine, dimethylsulfoxide.
The price is 30 gr. 150 rubles. 50 gr. 170-220 rub.

Composition: Camphor, turpentine gum, salicylic acid, poison gyurzy (snake venom)
Price: 30 gr. 130 rubles. 50 gr.160-200 rubles.

Ointment with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents

NSAIDs are not just good ointments from bruises, it'sstrong enough drugs, with side effects and contraindications, they can not be used for more than 7 days, and do not apply to defeated skin. They have a pronounced analgesic effect, relieve inflammation and swelling quite quickly. Almost all types of ointments containing NSAIDs, their contraindications, side effects are presented in the table.

Indications for use NSAIDs: gel and ointment is used for back pain, for myalgia, after sports injuries, for arthritis, for all types of neuralgia, for ligament sprains or injuries, for rheumatoid arthritis, for Bekhterev's disease. gout, radiculitis, sciatica nerve inflammation, osteochondrosis (cervical spine), with muscle pain of any etiology, pain in ligament ruptures, etc.

Interaction with other drugs. Before using, you should consult your doctor if you take such drugs as diuretics, antidiabetics, digoxin, lithium preparations, phenytoin, cyclosporins, or other NSAIDs in addition to NSAIDs.

Other recommendations. All NSAIDs for topical application should not be applied to damaged areas of the skin, open wounds. Do not apply gel under airtight dressings. After using an anesthetic ointment with stretch marks, swelling should be thoroughly washed hands.

Composition Special - alcohol ant, product "Soyuz" (soybean,coconut, palm oil), purified mum, castor oil, aloe vera gel, tea tree essential oil, kemaben 2E, lipoderm 4, purified water, extracts: eucalyptus, sea buckthorn, plantain, sage, calendula, Siberian fir.
Act: relieves pain, inflammation, has a bactericidal action, antiseptic, accelerates the healing of wounds, abrasions, cuts, scratches, burns, bruises. Reduces swelling, reduces rehabilitation after sprains, bruises, dislocations. Helps with pain in the legs, in the joints, with pain in the back.
Price. in the pharmacy 55-80 rubles.

Cream with Floralizin - "Strength of the forest" and "Zorka" - auxiliary therapy with bruises, abrasions, wounds

  • The composition of "Zorka": floralazine, petrolatum, aviation kerosene, sorbic acid, pentol (veterinary, it should not scare, cream of natural substances, price 60 rubles).
  • Composition: "Strength of the forest": floralazine, petroleum jelly, perfume, sorbic acid, pentol (for man 500 rubles).

Floralysin - extract from the mycelium of fungi, containsenzymes with collagen activity, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants. amino acids, biotin. It is used for any skin lesions, joint diseases, burns, abrasions, bruises, bruises. Has a powerful regenerating property, improves blood circulation, metabolism, trophic, biosynthesis in tissues. Creams are the same in composition (in veterinary aviation instead of perfume aviation kerosene). Zorka was awarded the state. Gold and Platinum Quality Mark of the 21st Century. Used:

  • Treatment of bruises, bruises, burns, cuts
  • Cracks on the heels heal for 1-4 applications
  • Helps with fractures for rapid regeneration of tissues
  • In winter, lubricate the weather-beaten face, hands, lips
  • With varicose veins and hemorrhoids
  • With dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, herpes and other skin diseases.