Massage with swelling of hands

Foot massage for swelling

To reduce swelling on the legs, you can not onlycorrectly eat, apply special gels and drink medicinal decoctions, but also periodically do a special massage. Foot massage for swelling is recommended to be performed daily. It is desirable, in the evening.

  1. First of all, you need to warm up your leg. For this, it is required to massage the palm of the leg from the foot and up to the knee joint. Then, with a clenched hand, a sole massage is performed.
  2. To strengthen the joints, you must put a rubber ball just under the foot of the foot and roll it in such a way that the entire foot works. Exercise is carried out at least twelve times.
  3. To strengthen the vessels, it is required to sit on a chair andbend the legs in the knees in such a way that the feet are parallel to each other. First the left, and then the right heel rises. Exercise is done about twenty times.
  4. If the legs swelled during the PMS period, then from swellingyou can get rid by massaging the foot in the area between the first and second fingers. Simultaneously with the implementation of massage movements, it is required to "stretch" the skin located in the ankle area. Similarly, you have to massage each limb for ten minutes.

The more energetic to do the foot massage, the more you can improve the circulation of blood and quickly remove excess fluid from the tissues. The duration of such a massage should be about five minutes.

It is best to perform the described manipulations withfeet in the bathroom, combining them with peeling for the skin. Increase the effectiveness of the massage can be done by using two brushes that have medium stiff bristles.

Before the beginning of massage it is necessary to put on feet a special oil or an ordinary light cream.