In the morning, swollen fingers

In the morning, two fingers on the arm do not straighten out + edema

Good afternoon. Probably me in the therapy section. I do not know which section will do more.

About a month after a dream, they do not straighten outfingers on the arm are middle and nameless. Usually on the right, but several times it was on the left. I noticed that after visiting the sauna in the morning, there was no such problem.
Fingers do not click, joints do not hurt, bendno problem. It's just that in the mornings it seems to me that I straighten my fingers, and it's visually obvious that they are almost pressed to the palm of your hand. The second hand to unbend them too, there is no way. immediately acute pain at the base of the fingers. Passes after 3-5 minutes I rub the base of my fingers in the palm of my hand (this is associated with painful sensations, but as soon as the fingers are uncurled when rubbing unpleasant sensations is gone.

about yourself and additional. information:
31 year,
1. 11 months ago there was a problem pregnancy. The entire term - the threat of miscarriage due to hypertonia + up to 14 weeks were detached. Saw Dyufaston and then genipral and verapomil. On the 33/34 week because of the outflow of water, a cesarean anesthetic was done in the back. (all 33/34 weeks spent strictly in a horizontal position without getting up) - the cause of the problem is not identified.
2. Approximately from the new year (about 5 months ago) foots started to hurt while advancing (where the bones on the foot are about 2-3 cm from the base of the fingers), then a month later, very strong swelling of the legs began. The swelling was permanent and did not pass in the mornings - the area swelled first from the ankle to the knee and then feet were added to it. The swelling was a month ago, literally in one night (this night I had the opportunity to get a first sleep probably because of fatigue, but it was after that.) In the morning they arose and they did not exist)
3. In connection with edema made a general blood test - everywhere the norm, ECG - the norm. No treatment and further examinations are suggested because the therapist on the site went on vacation + study and from other sites directly said you are not ours and I do not need extra problems.
4. Since 2004, there has been a problem with the thyroid gland - it is compensated, I drink Eutiroks 100 .
5. Now there is excess weight - the growth of 170cm weight 101 kg of diet does not help, the endocrinologist declines that the weight does not go away due to problems with the thyroid gland. I provided a nutrition diary and it's not because of overeating.
6. Last week, two began to swell the ankles and knees - it was painful to sit / get up from the chair from behind the knees, but again it cost me a sleep as swelling passed - before that they were in no matter the load or time of day. As fatigue grows, they again appear (not all legs and ankles and knees)

1. What other tests are worth to pass because of not unbending fingers and swelling in the morning?
2. Is it worth reassessing biochemistry in a private laboratory because of the possibility of an error in the polyclinic? (My conjecture because there were doubts in the correctness of the analysis where everything is all right and the swelling was very strong at the time of the analysis) literally could not walk out for them only with a stick.
3. If this is possible remotely and without additional. Analyzes what could be the reasons for not extending fingers?