Folk remedies for swelling of hands

Pour cold water into the bucket and pour it packet of rock salt. After this, moisten a terry towel in this solution and, slightly pressing, put it on the waist. Do this about ten times. This procedure will affect urination, and swelling will begin.

And one more method of traditional medicine for treatmentedema. Take a fresh cabbage leaf and cut out the veins. On them you need to walk a rolling pin, and then attach to a sore spot. Secure the sheet with adhesive tape.

Folk remedy for leg swelling, face and eyelids

In one newspaper dedicated to folk medicine they wrote about a wonderful folk remedy for the treatment of edema of the face.

You need to take two tablespoons of flaxseed,pour them 1/2 of a liter of water and boil the mixture for fifteen minutes. Then cover the broth with a lid and put it for an hour in a place where there is no sunlight.

Use the medicine four times a day for half a glass. You can add lemon juice to it. Five days are enough to cure puffiness. But you can also extend the course folk treatment of edema up to two or three weeks. Moreover, this method of treatment is good not only for swelling, it improves the whole condition of the body as a whole.

Rid of edema with brine

If you have swelling, then you needto use diuretics. Such means include garlic. celery. parsley, onion, asparagus. black currant. kefir, as well as watermelon. pumpkin. strawberries. grapes, cottage cheese, yogurt. When dropsy you need to drink not tea, but various broths of herbs that contribute to the treatment of the causes of dropsy.

If you have abdominal edema, you can drink cucumberbrine two glasses a day, it will ease the condition and relieve the pain. But all such methods of treatment and pain reduction are better performed under the supervision of a doctor.

It is possible to remove fluid from the body with the help ofLuke. Take the onion - two pieces of medium size - and in the evening cut thinly, and then pour sugar. In the morning squeeze out the juice. This juice should be drunk once a day for two tablespoons in the morning before eating.

You can also take four teaspoons of dried(can be fresh) roots or parsley seeds. chop and pour half a cup of boiling water. Insist means must be done within ten hours. Take infusion of three to four times a day for one tablespoon for half an hour before meals. This medicine has a diuretic property.

Treatment of edema with birch leaves

Our grandmothers, during swelling, sewed bags of knitted cloth up to their knees, filled them with birch leaves and put bags on their feet. Leaves should cover the feet tightly.

Within five hours the sick person was sitting like this in abags, and when the legs began to sweat heavily, the leaves were changed to fresh ones. The swelling goes away if you soak several times. With weak swelling in the bags you need to sit for two hours.

Source: Newspaper ZOZH, all-Ukrainian newspaper-healer "Grandmother"