Swelling of hands after exercise

my hands and face swell. Especially after physical exertion. How to deal with this?

I have been very edematous since childhood.
And all my life I struggle with this. Health is OK, KIDNEYS IN NORM, blood, blood vessels - all okay!
But I'm swelling anyway! And my legs do not swell, my hands and face swell mostly. Especially after physical exertion, the fingers do not bend, the skin stretches, turns white. Then it passes.
Sometimes (very rarely) I take a diuretic. the effect persists for up to a week, and then again "I type water."
At once I will tell, that I conduct an active way of life - bassik, limfodrenazh, walking.
who else is? Diuretic teas, herbs, collections - no reaction at all: (((

" to come in

Girls, I handed over and examined all three times.
Everything is normal, even in space tomorrow. doctors say that this feature of me