Swollen joints of fingers

Why do the joints of the fingers ache?

Pain in the joints of the fingers occurs in manypeople, but more often in women, sometimes even in young people. Joints in our female fingers, perhaps, are the most mobile in the locomotor apparatus of a man. Often, such pain can be accompanied by redness of the skin around the joint and an increase in body temperature. The cause of joint pain may be trauma, but this problem may ariseNot only because of this. The doctor can determine the exact diagnosis and the cause of the pain.

Most often, pain in the joints of the fingers causes:

For arthritis, in addition to joint pain, swelling and swelling are characteristic, as well as redness of the skin above them. The outcome of the disease, with a lack of treatment, may be a deformation of the hand.
Osteoarthritis is a disease with a steadydeformation of the joints. As a rule, the disease develops gradually, the patient usually complains that the joints of the fingers are sore, more often symmetrical, stiffness and numbness appear.

Rheumatoid arthritis is characterized by sudden pain in the joints of the bases of the fingers. In addition, with this disease may appear redness, swelling, impaired movement in the hand, stiffness in the joints, fever or rash.

Risartrose. The joints of the joint of the thumb begin. It can occur in constantly loading or strongly overloaded once its thumb. Risartrose affects the joint located at the base of the thumb and connects the thumb of the thumb with the radiating joint. In this disease, the deformation of the ossicles of the affected joint is noticeable during examination and is clearly fixed on the X-ray.

Gout is a chronic disease, inflammationjoints occur periodically. At the first attack of gout, the joint of the base of the thumb is usually affected. Pain in the joint arises suddenly, more often in the morning or at night. In the area of ​​the inflamed joint, there is swelling, redness of the skin, increased sensitivity of the skin to touch. Inflammation, as a rule, passes independently after a while.

Immediately turn to a specialist is worth it if:

  • pain in the joint appeared after injury andaccompanied by severe swelling and deformation of the contours of the joint. In this case, you may have a dislocation or fracture of the bone. - pain in the joint is accompanied by an increase in body temperature or other symptoms (skin rash, conjunctivitis, etc.)
  • severe pain in the joints do not pass even after taking painkillers
  • joint pain does not disappear within a week.

Remember! If you do not pay attention to this problem in time, you can get a deformation of the brush and muscle atrophy. The main methods of diagnosing people with suspected diseases of the musculoskeletal system are detailed information (anamnesis) and physical examination.

Pain in the joints of the fingers: treatment

If the pain in the joint area is not pronounced,there is no edema, the contours of the joint are not deformed enough to create a rest to the damaged joint, to impose an elastic bandage. If the pain is obtained after injuries, in the first day to prevent swelling on the joint area apply a cold compress (not more than half an hour). In the following days, warm compresses are applied to the joint area. They improve blood circulation and promote rapid recovery of damaged joint elements. If pain in the joints is strong, you can use ointments with analgesic effect. If after the measures taken pain in the joint does not go away - you should see a doctor.