The index fingers swell on the hands

my son is 17 years old. his fingers are swollen. but it happens by itself, without causation, before only in winter, when the hands freezed, and now they began swelling in the summer. and on the legs, too, but not all the fingers swell at once, and maybe one or two and on one hand, and maybe all at once on both hands. with what it can be connected, our doctors can not say anything about this, the blood tests do not show any deviations.

Good afternoon. Local puffiness of the fingers can be a manifestation of venous insufficiency or lymphatic outflow disturbances. In addition, it can be a manifestation of dactylitis (literally - inflammation of the finger). The latter is observed with the following diseases: § Gonococcal arthritis § Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis § Leprosy (leprosy) § Mycobacterium infection (Mycobacterium marinum) § Tuberculosis § Psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis § Reiter's syndrome § Sarcoidosis § Sickle cell anemia Syphilis Raynaud's syndrome

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