Treatment of lymphatic edema of the hand

Lymphatic swelling of the legs (synonyms - lymphostasis, elephantiasis, lymphedema) is a serious, gradually developing disease that affects women more often.

The disease begins with harmless every night swelling of the legs, which eventually stop going to the morning and are supplemented by complications right up to trophic disturbances.

Why develop lymphatic edema?

The disease can affect one and immediately both legs, in which the circulation of lymph begins to slow down to a complete stop.

The form of lymphostasis, depending on the cause:

  • Congenital. It develops due to the incorrect formation of the lymphatic system in the child during the period of gestation, or at the time of hormonal adjustment during puberty.
  • Acquired. It causes skin diseases, cancer, unsuccessful foot surgery and trauma to the lymph vessels, diseases of the internal organs.
  • impassable swelling from the evening;
  • change in the skin around the edema;
  • instant swelling after drinking water;
  • the appearance of itching of the skin.

Diagnosis of the disease for external symptoms and after a hardware examination of the lymphatic system, doctors, lymphology.

Complex treatment of lymphatic edema

Treatment is a long process, in which operations are practically ineffective. It is impossible to completely cure, but the probability of stopping the disease is high.

Timely initiation of treatment will not lead to neglected cases - to fibredema (irreversible edema) and elephantiasis (proliferation of fibrous tissue).

  • limfodrenating massage with hands;
  • hardware lymphatic drainage;
  • use of bandages;
  • selection of therapeutic jersey.