After a cut, the right hand wrung out

If the hand swelled and blushed after the cut,it means that wounded bacteria have entered the wound. They caused inflammation of the wound. In this case, you need to apply for treatment of antibacterial drugs, also anti-inflammatory, mainly, ointments.

There are many such drugs, one could treatmost, but it is better to show such a wound to the doctor, tk. blood poisoning can begin. I know an incident that happened with one relative, when her hand barely saved after the cut. In the beginning, it was just redness, then the inflammatory process went on, the redness reached the brush, I had to do an urgent operation, clear the abscess that formed there.

If your scratch is not very big thentry to simply drip on it with hydrogen peroxide. Do this several times a day. If peroxide fizz, then even in the wound there are germs. Drip and wipe with fleece until the foam stops to appear. And then grease the wound with a green. My mother-in-law works in surgery, she told me this way of fighting inflammatory wounds. But if the scratch is large and the wound from it is deep and really begins to rot, then it's better to go to the doctor.

If a person cuts himself, and after his hand is swollen and flushed, you should quickly consult a doctor.

Perhaps it is the infection of soft tissues, which in turn can lead to severe consequences - gangrene and amputation of the phalanx of the finger, hand or hand.

With this do not joke.

When cutting, the wound should be disinfected with hydrogen peroxide. Then, its edges are treated with greenery, in extreme cases iodine. Then put a sterile bandage out of the bandage.

If the place of the cut is red and swollen - the road is spreading to the hospital.