Fingertips after sleep

Surgeon-phlebologist-lymphologist, surgeon of the first category

Hello! My fingers swelling around my hands, after sleep, the swelling is as if a tourniquet were being applied. Fingers (one, two) of burgundy color, a feeling of tingling, pulsations, soreness easy, an increase in size (in breadth). Once the lower lip also swelled up, but by the evening the edema was asleep. I've been going with this for three months, at first I thought that I had been lying down. And the last 4 days swells in the afternoon. Edema then pass, then again. And their appearance is exactly the same as if they had a tourniquet or a tight bandage. But there were no injuries and no tourniquets, either. To what doctor to address, I do not know. Tell me, please, that it can be and to what doctor to address. Thank you!

Наталья, Норильск, Russia, 29 years old

In your situation, unfortunately, without inspection andsurvey to determine the problem is not possible. Try to begin with a visit to the surgeon. In my opinion, the reason can be in artery disease (Raynaud's syndrome).

Sincerely, Elena Belyanina.

Hello. To me 22 years, recently have found out on a shin malenkuju "an asterisk". Is this a sign of varicose veins? →