Swelling and pain in the ankle

Many people at least once in their lives come acrossedema of the ankles, and also, reducing the quality of life discomfort associated with this. There are very many causes of edema of the ankles. Depending on the severity and the effect on the whole organism, their edema of the ankles is divided into several categories.

Most often, edema of the ankles arise for reasons that are not related to the presence of diseases and to the functioning of internal organs:

-because of prolonged motionless standing in a standing or sitting position;

-because of the consumption of a small amount of liquid insufficient for the body;

- at certain days of the cycle in women;

-due to taking medications that cause fluid retention in the body;

- When practicing sports in unsuitable shoes that do not support the ankle well.

Swelling of the ankles may occur for more serious reasons:

-prone to high blood pressure;

-because of excess weight, as well as health problems with this related;

- due to various injuries of the hip joints, legs and feet;

-because of improper functioning of the lymphatic system;

-is due to problems with venous blood flow;

-due to severe allergic reactions;

-for various diseases of the kidneys, heart and liver.

In most cases, after an ankle fracturealso develops an edema that lasts for a long time until the bones fully integrate and the long functions of the foot are restored.

In seldom developing swelling of the ankle, which infor several days on their own pass and do not lead to serious complications, the patient feels only some inconveniences in everyday life. With edema, periodically developing during pregnancy or during the "critical days", it is also not necessary to worry particularly.

If Swelling and pain in the ankle - permanent satellites, then veins and blood vesselsvessels create unwanted pressure, which after a while provokes the appearance of trophic ulcers, varicose veins and inflammation of the subcutaneous vessels and skin.

How to deal with severe swelling of the ankle? The best and safest method of getting rid of an ankle edema is to lift your legs up, so that they are above the level of the heart. To do this, lie on the floor or on the bed, raise and lean your feet against the wall. In this position it is recommended to stay fifteen to thirty minutes. To raise both legs it is necessary and in the event that the edema only on one ankle. This must be done to ensure that the blood pressure in the right and left leg is not different.

Doctors can recommend for a shorttime to use diuretics. Swelling of the ankles, which arose because of a malfunction of the body, chronic or acute diseases, as well as injuries, are treated, above all, by eliminating the underlying problem. This often helps to get rid of the swelling of the ankles and does not require additional treatment.

The doctor will determine the cause of the ankle edema, he will prescribe drug therapy and tell you how to deal with it.