Edema after augmentation of the lips was asleep

Lip augmentation with fillers based onstabilized hyaluronic acid - this is by no means the only wish that modern plastic surgery is capable of. Now you can fix the asymmetry, raise the corners, make a clear contour, smooth out small wrinkles, align the relief and visually restore the youth's lips.

Basic rules for lip correction

The first rule that must be observed by those who wishEnter fillers on the lips, this is the right choice of place and doctor. The clinic must have a license for cosmetology. The doctor is a certificate from the manufacturer, confirming that the specialist has been trained in working with this product. And, finally, fillers can be introduced into the lips only when you are convinced that this drug has long been used in the world and registered and approved for use on the territory of the Russian Federation. The doctor should ask how long ago and how often he performs a correction of the lips. If he daily practices the introduction of fillers on the lips for several years, he can be trusted.

Preparations for lip correction

Recently, the Russian market has appearedseveral new drugs to correct and increase the lips, inferior in price most common. For example, Dermaviscease, PerfecthaDerm, Amaline, Glytone. But the most reasonable will still be the use of the most famous and proven products, since the maximum number of specialists work with them all over the world, that means there are also wide statistics of use, possible complications in the correction of the lips and methods of combating them. Although, if the doctor of a reputable clinic actively and successfully uses some relatively new, certified drug in Russia, it may be worthwhile trying to apply it. For example, the French Glytone filler contains an antioxidant mannitol, designed to prolong the safety of the injected gel. Mannitol in this case acts not as an antioxidant for the skin, but as a "preservative" for a longer prolonged action of HA in the skin.

Tasks and solutions for lip correction

However, leading clinics still givepreference for certain drugs: Restylane, Surgiderm, Juvederm, Teosyal, Perlane, Princess, Belotero. The choice of the filler is determined by the doctor and depends on the goals - this or that gel solves its task. For example, it is quite popular to increase the lips with filler Restylane Lipp. Juvederm and Surgiderm will provide a clear contour, thanks to a higher content of hyaluronic acid. Often the doctor uses varieties of the same filler of different densities in order to achieve the desired result. For example, you can bring this combination - tight gel for the contour and a softer filler to increase the lips and give naturalness. The latter factor is very important and depends on the professionalism in the choice and administration of drugs.

The procedure and consequences of the introduction of fillers on the lips

Many people find injections into this area too much.painful, so anesthesia is used. It can be an anesthetic cream or a more serious measure - a conductive anesthesia, that is, an injection in the gum, as before dental work.

The effect of lip correction can be seen immediately, but evaluatethe result will be possible only in two weeks, when the edema completely falls. First, the lips can often have an awesome appearance, which is aggravated by the swelling of the place between the nose and the upper lip. But gradually the swelling is gone. In two weeks the patient comes to the examination in order to understand whether correction of the lips is required. It may be needed if, during the first procedure, the asymmetry could not be completely corrected, sometimes patients ask for additional lip enlargement by the filler. Secondary administration of the filler is done 2-4 weeks after the first procedure. Usually, 0.8 to 1ml gel is enough for one procedure, depending on the characteristics of the filler itself and the tasks to be solved. But the maximum amount of gel administered in one procedure is 2 ml. The technique of administration depends on the lips and the necessary correction.

Of course, there are side effects. Occasionally, there is excessive swelling, pigmentation, bruising, erythema around the lips and around them, or migration of the gel. If such manifestations did not pass within 2 weeks after the correction of the lips, the doctor will need help. If an extensive and persistent edema is formed, resort to ultrasound - it can be reduced by several procedures. It is also possible to form seals, which usually go away with the help of self-massage. According to statistics, seals disappear spontaneously in two weeks in 90% of cases. If, however, the nodules remain, they get rid of them with the help of injections of the enzyme hyaluronidase or the preparation of lengidase, cleavage of hyaluronic acid. With the help of several such procedures for introducing fillers into the lips, you can dissolve the entire gel in a few days, in case the effect is completely disliked. These drugs, as well as fillers, have contraindications, we'll talk about them below.

After the procedure you need to exclude kisses,minimize articulation, put the ice on the day, rinse out the mouth with salt solution for a few days, use antibacterial local medications prescribed by the doctor for a week, protect the lips from the sun for two weeks.

Reply to the most frequently asked question aboutHow long will the effect of increasing the lips with a filler last, is very difficult. It all depends on the characteristics of the body. On the average, they call the figure - 6 months. It happens and less - only 4, and it happens that the lips retain their new volume and up to a year. Do not forget that the lips are constantly in motion, and this factor also contributes to the resorption of the gel. Some are unreasonably afraid that after the gel dissolves, the lips will remain stretched. It is nothing more than a myth - the lips will return to their original state and size.

On contraindications to the use of fillers based on hyaluronic acid:

  • the introduction of fillers on the lips is prohibited for persons under 18 (only with the consent of the parents)
  • individual intolerance
  • autoimmune diseases
  • diabetes
  • herpes in the period of exacerbation. If herpes is in remission, several days before and after the procedure, you need to take Acyclovir
  • pregnancy, lactation
  • arthritis
  • if the filler is not completely dissolved, you can enter the lips of another brand of gel, only if it is based on hyaluronic acid
  • acute infectious and inflammatory diseases

Contraindications to application of hyaluronidase and longidase:

  • acute infectious and inflammatory diseases
  • pregnancy and lactation
  • reception of estrogens

These drugs may be allergic, but in placethe introduction of infiltrates. An allergic reaction test is recommended before use. In addition, the doctor must know the rules of working with hyaluronidase and longigase. The cost of one procedure for introducing fillers into the lips is about 1500 rub.

As for the cost of fillers, the price amplitude is quite wide: from 10 thousand rubles for a syringe with a drug of 1 ml.

It also happens that the price includesspecialist consultation. In any case, if you decide on the procedure, keep in mind that the increase in the lips of fillers in general will cost you in the amount of about 15 thousand rubles.

I read the article http: //www.aif.ru / health / article / 60071 and decided to pin the cups a bit. The cosmetician used Restylane, one of the most popular and well-studied fillers in the world (as he said). Since I'm new to this business, I completely trusted the specialist. And I almost regretted the result was simply excellent. My lips became so clear, smooth. The volume I was very impressed, look like natural. I'm very pleased with the stay.

I also want to make my lips a little bit fuller, becausethey are thin, when I experimented in front of a mirror with the help of lipstick. I created the illusion of enlarged lips, I looked prettier, read your article, the article here http://newsland.com/news/detail/id/1123784/. Now I stand in front of a question in a friend that something goes wrong, I can get spoiled lips or everything is so scary. Marina Kravchenko recommends that she choose a good clinic, how to find out how good this clinic is.

After the car accident, I appeareda small defect in the area of ​​the lips, outwardly it was very similar to the "hare lip". After that, I was actively looking for a safe, effective way to get rid of it. After I read the article http://www.topnews.ru/news_id_56097.html
About any other method, except for fillers notthere could be no question. I used restylane, according to the doctor's advice, the result was very pleased. The lips became even better than they were, no lumps, look very naturally.

The fact that you need to carefully choose a clinic and a doctorjust noticed, but now there are a lot of scammers, unfortunately (I got so badly, I got very low rates, then I was treated.) I have a proven place, I go to Scandinavia in St. Petersburg, I like everything very much. they practically work with all modern fillers, but Restylane is more in demand, I also give my preference to it, it was the experience of Botox, but it's not the same, Restylane unlike it suits me very well, there are no unpleasant sensations that the lips do not their.

Tell me please, and with fillylane fillers youwork. in the Komsomolskaya Pravda wrote here kp.ru/daily/26030/2947844/, that they are fillers for the new technology and there hyaluronic acid is close or even identical to the natural one. That is, there should be no rejection and that because of this the effect persists for a very long time. Thank you in advance!!

I recently had to resort to thisprocedure, received a gift coupon for a trial free procedure to choose from. Well, respectively, the choice fell on plump lips :) What kind of woman refuses? I went to the clinic, talked with the doctor for a long time, I was picked up by an individual filler - restylane, and I was assigned a date and time. The procedure I will not describe, and so everything is clear, but the result struck me, to be honest. My lips are sunken by nature, and here Jolie is in front of a mirror. I liked it very much.

Zdrastvujte, I a year and a half ago injectedjuviderm 30, at the melee in the mouth on the right side there are so-called globules from the gel. as if the gel has almost gone into growth about being braided in lumps! I want to make my lips again but I'm afraid I do not know how to deal with this, because these balls do not go away

Svetlana, do not worry, this often happens, you need to wait until the swelling subsides. The main thing, do not massage your lips in an attempt to redistribute the gel!

Hello! I'm very worried about the question - is it normal that immediately after the procedure for introducing a filler based on hyaluronic acid, asymmetric edema of the lower lip is observed (if you take into account that there was no overdose of the gel in the place of edema). What can help? Thanks for the answer.