Edema on the skin and itching

Advantan is an external removerinflammation, swelling and itching of the skin. The main active substance of all medicinal forms of Advantan contains synthetic hormones of the adrenal glands - glucocorticoid agents (GCS). This has both its advantages (high efficiency) and disadvantages (for example, reduction of skin immunity).

Advantan is available in severalmedicinal forms for external use - different types of ointment, cream and emulsion. This preparation was developed by the Intendis department of the German pharmaceutical company Bayer. The department is engaged in the development of medicines for the treatment of skin diseases, so when Advent is a very high-quality drug, in which all the side effects of GCS are minimal. The common (systemic) effect on the body of Advent does not usually have (except for long-term use in large areas of the skin).

The principle of action of Advantanum is thatit enters the cells of all layers of the skin, is implanted in the DNA of the cells and triggers a number of biological processes that facilitate the rapid narrowing of the small blood vessels (capillaries) of the skin. This very quickly leads to the removal of edema, inflammation and itching of the skin.

At what diseases is applied

Ointment and cream advantan is used for chronicinflammatory skin diseases. The most common reason for the appointment of advantan are allergic and infectious-allergic skin diseases. It is often used in atopic dermatitis in children - a congenital allergic skin disease, which with age can pass into the neurodermite. Advantan in this case try to apply courses lasting no more than a month - this duration usually does not cause side effects characteristic of SCS.

Apply Advantanum and with eczema (true,microbial, occupational, seborrheic) in adults - this is a long-lasting skin disease, in which advantan is also applied courses lasting no more than three months in a row. A special kind of eczema - dyshidrotic with dense bubble rashes on the palms and soles also gives a good treatment to the advantan.

Apply ointment and cream advantan also withcontact simple and contact allergic dermatitis, when inflammation and edema appear on the skin after contact with an irritant or an allergy causing substance.

The emulsion of anvantane is used to treat alllisted diseases, but unlike ointment and cream, it can be applied to more extensive skin areas without the threat of systemic action. Therefore, the emulsion of Advantan is used to treat sunburn, which engulf large areas of the skin.

Like any GCS, Advantan causes a decreaseimmunity. Decreased skin immunity leads to the threat of infection. Therefore, this drug can not be prescribed for skin tuberculosis Skin tuberculosis is a rare form of the disease and cutaneous manifestations of syphilis Skin manifestations of syphilis are the main symptoms. as well as any viral infections of the skin - a decrease in immunity will lead to a rapid spread of these infections, for example, herpes.

Do not apply Advantan to the skin affected byrosacea. Rosacea manifests itself in the form of red tuberous rashes on the skin of the face. The cause of this disease is the increased sensitivity of the small blood vessels of the face to various factors. One of these factors is the GCS.

Advantan is also not used for individual intolerance of the components of the preparation by the patient's body, at the age of up to four months and with skin rashes against the background of the introduction of various vaccines.

If advantan is used for microbial eczema,the cause of which is a bacterial or fungal infection, then with it apply antibacterial or antifungal medications.

With caution, any dosage forms of Advantan are used during pregnancy and feeding of the child. Breastfeeding is a personal choice by the breast, while they are not applied to the mammary glands.

The systemic effect of Advantanum is possible onlywith prolonged use of the drug on a large surface area of ​​the body. With prolonged use, skin changes such as the appearance of vascular asterisks are also possible. Vascular asterisks are a sign of several diseases. white depigmented spots, striae and so on. Reducing the immunity of the skin can lead to infection.

Do not allow the advent of addant in the eye -this will cause irritation of the mucous membrane. If the drug for a long time is applied to the skin around the eyes, then this can lead to the development of glaucoma - increased intraocular pressure.

Advantan - effective and safe enoughmedicinal product. However, given that its main active substance is of hormonal origin, the use of the drug should be approached with caution.