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Otitis in children and adults - symptoms of ear inflammation - treatment of otitis media by folk remedies - how to treat the ear

Otitis - symptoms of ear inflammation - treatment of the ears with folk remedies

Otitis is an inflammation of the ear. This disease is very common. Often the cause of otitis is hypothermia, colds, runny nose, sore throats. Occasionally, when water gets into the ears, it causes an inflammation of the external auditory canal. In this case, the skin of the auricle and the external auditory canal inflames, an abscess and a furuncle may form there.
This phenomenon is called external otitis media his symptoms are as follows: a slight aching in the ear, sometimes it happens only with a touch, ear congestion, purulent discharge

External otitis media - treatment with folk remedies
External otitis of the ears can not be left without attention. Local inflammation of the skin with redness and swelling of the outer ear can lead to inflammation of the middle ear.
To cure otitis externa, the firstturn to get rid of a boil. In addition to the medicines prescribed by the doctor, it is recommended to apply the leaves of the plantain to the boil, or even better the baked onion. Very good results are given by the drug romazulan. it includes an extract of chamomile. They rinse their throats and wash their sore ears. After the boil breaks through, it is advisable to do steam bath. cover with a towel and sendLeaving from the spout of the kettle of steam to the aching ear from a distance of at least 50 cm. Warm up the ear for three minutes, and then cool your face with a cold damp towel. Repeat procedure approximately 10 times. Unpleasant sensations in the region of the ear, throat, nose after the steam bath pass.
In the treatment of external ear otitis is very effective broth of bay leaves (5 pieces for 1 glass of water, bring to a boil, insist) - three times a day should drink 2 tbsp. l. infusion and instill in the ear for 10 drops.

Average otitis media
Middle otitis media - inflammation of the middle ear - it can be acute and chronic
Symptoms of otitis media:
1. Strong stitching or shooting pain in the ear, which can be given to the head, teeth, neck.
2. Pulsation in the diseased ear
3. Noise in the ears
4. Discharge from the ear fluid, pus
5. Increase in temperature

1. Complication of external otitis media,
2. Runny nose - inflammation from the nasopharynx through the auditory tube extends to the middle ear.
3. Otitis media of the middle ear can occur as a complication after the flu, diphtheria, scarlet fever, measles. At the same time, the eardrum is destroyed
Acute and chronic otitis media of the middle ear can lead to a decrease in dryness, deafness.

Acute otitis media - treatment
To treat an average acute otitis media you must start withapplication of dry heat - apply a dry towel to the ear, and on top a bottle of hot water. You can also use a bag of hot salt or sand.
Clay compresses are very helpful in treating ears,they relieve pain and inflammation. It is necessary to dilute the clay rather thickly, apply a layer of 2 cm on the fabric. Cover the ear with cotton wool and apply a clay compress for 2 hours.
Traditional healers are often used with greatThe success of this method: take an onion, cut off the top, make a groove and fill the feces with seeds of cumin, cover with a cut lid and bake for 30 minutes. Then squeeze the juice and 10 days instilled in the ears for 3 drops at night
Good helps in the treatment of tincture (10%) of birch buds. The wick is caked in this tincture and inserted into the diseased ear. This folk remedy helps to relieve inflammation, improve hearing.
Chronic Otitis Treatment
Cure chronic otitis will help the application ona sick ear from flour, camphor alcohol, diluted with water 1: 2, 1 egg and 1 tsp. of linseed oil. On top of the cake put compress paper, woolen shawl. This is a very mild procedure. Do it every evening until you get rid of pain. The test can be done more and stored in the refrigerator, separating the necessary portions for treatment.
Treatment of purulent otitis media
If the chronic ear otitis is also purulent, thenwill help the roots of raspberries. They must be finely chopped, 3 tbsp. l. Roots to brew in 1 liter of water, to insist 12 hours. Drink 3/4 cup 2 times a day for a month. During this time, even the old defects in the eardrum should heal.

Internal otitis media
He is very crafty. If you can not cope with the otitis media of the middle ear, then in the inner ear with blood flow gets an infection. The patient is disturbed by the balance, the hearing decreases or the hearing disappears completely.
Treatment of internal otitis of the ears can be carried out withusing the infusion of the following herbs: 4 parts of the herb floss and calendula flowers, 2 parts of licorice root and yarrow herb, 3 parts of eucalyptus leaves. 1 tbsp. l. mixture pour 1 cup of boiling water, insist half an hour and drink during the day.
All these folk recipes should be used in combination with medication prescribed by a doctor.
(From a conversation with the doctor of medical sciences Nikolaev, MP ZHZH 2011, No. 20, pp. 22-23)

Otitis in adults - treatment with folk remedies - how to treat ears - Recipes of the newspaper "Herald of HSE"

Folk recipes for the treatment of otitis media usingheating should be used with caution - inflammation occurs due to vasodilation, while warming, further expansion of the vessels occurs. This facilitates access to neighboring areas.

Herbs for otitis prevention
To avoid otitis, for preventive purposesit is recommended to drink such a collection: mix 4 parts of the sequence and flowers of calendula, 3 parts of eucalyptus leaves, 2 parts of yarrow and licorice root. 1 tsp. Collect a cup of boiling water, insist 30 minutes. Drink this portion during the day. Course 4 weeks. If you are treated in this simple way, the otitis media will bypass you. (Healthy Holidays 2011 No. 3, page 23)

How to treat the otitis media with a laurel
5 bay leaves should be brewed with a glassboiling water, wrap and insist for 3 hours. Drink 1 tbsp. l. three times a day for 30 minutes before meals. And bury in your ears for 5-6 drops 3 times a day. (Healthy Holidays 2008 No. 8, p. 5, 2006 No. 25, p. 32).

Traditional treatment of ears with live steam.
To cure otitis media, it is necessary to sew a bag,size, so it was convenient to put your head. Take about 1 kg of grain: barley, oats, wheat. Or one thing. Warm up the grain in the oven, but do not dry it. Pour the grain into a bag, wrap in a towel, on top still put several layers of towels, so as not to get burned. Lie on this pillow with a sick ear. As the grain cools down, layers are removed. The treatment is a live steam. Enough 2-3 procedures to cure otitis media. (Healthy Holidays 2011 No. 7, pp. 32-33)

Treatment of otic otitis with hops and aloe.
A woman after a cold had otitis, severelyshot in the ear. She poured hop cones into the pillowcase and put it to her ear - the pain immediately subsided. In the morning dripped 2-3 drops of aloe juice in the ear. A week later the otitis occurred. (HOLL of 2011 No. 14, page 30)
Another woman managed to cure chronicotitis with aloe. She buried in her ear aloe juice 3-4 times a day. If there are scavengers from the outside, then they need to apply a cotton wool moistened with hot aloe juice. (HOLL of 2011 №20, page 23)

How to cure otitis in adults with lemon.
The woman suffered from chronic otitis for 2 years. Neither antibiotics, nor procedures, nor folk remedies helped. Lemon juice helped cure the disease - she instilled 5 drops of filtered lemon juice 2 times a day. At once there was a pain. Soon the inflammatory process stopped, the hearing improved. Term of treatment - until recovery. (HOLL of 2011 №20, page 23)
Adults cure otitis quickly will help lemon juice. It must be buried in the ears. He quickly relieves pain, improves hearing, relieves itching. (2005 No. 20, page 31)

Purulent otitis of the ears - ointment from wax and yolk.
Melt a piece of wax the size of a matchboxboxes in a glass of vegetable oil. When the oil begins to boil and shoot, then you need to throw a grain of steeply cooked yolk, just use half the yolk. Keep the hold on all the time, because the contents of the bowl can foam and run away. Strain through the tulle, store no more than 10 months. Ointment helps against many diseases: sinusitis, burns, abscesses, mastitis, ulcers. If you have purulent otitis, apply ointment twisted with a flagellum ointment and insert into the ear. Simultaneously lubricate the skin around the ear. (Healthy Holidays, 2010 No. 24, page 32)

How to treat otitis media with ointment from propolis.
100 g melted butter put onwater bath, throw there 15 grams of grated propolis, cook for 5 minutes, strain. Ointment used for otitis, with inflammation of the ears, and when the pus flows from the ear. (HLS of 2009 No. 9, page 30)

Treatment of the ears with propolis tincture.
Chronic otitis media, various inflammatoryThe ear disease treats propolis well. It is necessary to moisten the tincture of propolis with a narrow bandage, roll it in a tourniquet and put it into the auditory passage for 2 hours. Do this procedure in the morning and in the evening. (HLS 2005 No. 20, page 32). Or lay a flagellum, moistened with a tincture of propolis for 36 hours throughout the month (2003, No. 17, p.11)

Rapid treatment of otitis.
The woman's ear ached, the pain was so strong,that neither sleep nor stay awake could not. It was treated for a long time and unsuccessfully. Once she went to the reception to the dentist, and the doctor drew attention to the sore ear. He cured her for a few seconds: he folded a paper bag, put it into his ear and blew through a trichopolum bag. So it was possible to get rid of otitis in one procedure. (HOOO 2008 No. 17, page 31)

How to treat ears with celandine juice is a recipe for adults.
The woman was sick with otitis from the age of 5. The treatment helped for a short time - after a while the ear started to leak from the ear. She decided to treat the disease with celandine juice. She had a juice with vodka 1: 1 prepared. Take the juice of the beginning of 1 drop and add 1 drop every day. So it came to 20 drops, diluting in 100 ml of water. Took the juice of celandine morning and evening 30 minutes before eating. After a while, I started to drink only 15 drops and only in the morning. After a while I found out that my ear was completely clean, my otitis did not return (HOS 2008 No 23, page 32)

Purulent otitis folk treatment with a golden mustache
The woman had a protracted purulent otitis - throughThe week after discharge from the hospital flowed again from the ear. Doctors could not do anything. Instilling of aloe juice, Kalanchoe did not help. I decided to try the juice of a golden mustache. She moistened the plant juice with a piece of bandage and put it in her ear. Repeated this procedure 2-3 times a day. After 2 weeks, excretion ceased. I began to hear better. It's been 7 months already - the purulent otitis of the ear does not return (HOOO 2008 No. 17, page 31)

Ear otitis in adults - treatment with solanine.
Put the potatoes in the sun for at least threeweeks, until they become dark green. Grate the potatoes on the grater and squeeze the juice. Mix the juice with vodka in the proportion of 2: 1, insist 1 week. To cure otitis should be dripped into the ear for 2-3 drops of tincture, cover with cotton wool, the pain will immediately go away. Repeat the procedure 2-3 more times to fix the result. This same tincture, diluted with water, helps cure, stomatitis, sore throat, stops tooth decay. (HMO 2006 No. 21, page 29)

Chronic otitis in adults - folk onion treatment.
To wrap in marlechka a small piece of onion and to put in an ear. In half an hour the pain will cease. At night, repeat this procedure, by the morning exacerbation of chronic otitis will pass. (HMO 2006 No. 24, page 30)

How to treat purulent otitis with tansy.
The man had a severe purulent otitis, flowed from the ears. The doctors prescribed an operation, they said that they would hollow. My wife decided to use folk remedies. Brewed tansy - 1 tsp. flowers for 1 cup of boiling water. To drink it is necessary on 1/3 glasses 3 times a day. Tansy has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps very quickly even with a neglected form of the disease. The man was treated for 10 days, and the otitis passed without surgery. (2006 No. 25, page 31)

Chronic otitis media and Shevchenko's method.
The woman's ears hurt from childhood, and she suffered fromillnesses of 73 years, ears have always been laid, from them flowed. When she started using the Shevchenko method to drink vodka with butter, the chronic otitis completely passed (2002, No. 6, p. 13)

The recipe for Avicenna.
Triturate 4 pieces of sweet almonds or 2 piecesbitter wild-growing. Add a pinch of Ceylon or Chinese cinnamon, a pinch of soda and 1 drop of essential rose oil. All this is associated with 1/2 tsp. thick honey, grind. It turns out the paste, which is stored in the refrigerator. To treat the otitis of the ear, take a piece of paste the size of a pea, drip onto it vinegar 1 drop. Sizzles arise in the presence of soda. This sizzling pea is put in the ear, plugged with cotton wool and held for 1 hour. The reaction of soda with vinegar allows the almonds to isolate phytoncides in the most active form. (2003, No. 3, page 22)

Otitis in a child treatment of folk remedies - how to treat otitis in children

Treatment of otitis with live steam.
To cure otitis, you need to sew a bag,size, so it was convenient to put your head. Take about 1 kg of grain: barley, oats, wheat. Or one thing. Warm up the grain in the oven, but do not dry it. Pour the grain into a bag, wrap in a towel, on top still put several layers of towels, so as not to get burned. Lie on this pillow with a sick ear. As the grain cools down, layers are removed. The treatment is a live steam. It is enough 2-3 procedures to cure otitis. (Healthy Holidays 2011 No. 7, pp. 32-33)

Treatment of otitis in a child with a compress with camphor oil.
A 5-year-old girl got very sick with ears. I could not sleep at night. The hospital was diagnosed with otitis and discharged drops. A neighbor advised a folk remedy for otitis: take a piece of bandage, make a wick of it, dip it into camphor oil, squeeze and place in the ear. Cover the top with a cotton ball, and tie a headscarf on his head. Do it better at night. My parents did it. The girl for life remembered the sensation of warmth and the way the pain gradually receded. After a few procedures, the child's ears in the ears completely passed. (HOLL of 2011 №16, page 33)

The average otitis in a child is treated.
A three-year-old child had bilateral otitis media, did two punctures, but the disease returns all the time.
Doctor honey. Sciences Nikolaev MP gives such advice on treatment:
1) If the pus accumulates in the ear pus, then it must be removed, for this, bury in both ears a solution of boric acid, furacelin, dioxidine and other disinfectants.
2) Cure the average otitis in a child will help herbs: prepare the collection - 4 parts of plantain, hips, 3 parts of thyme and three-color violets, 2 parts of horsetail and pine buds. 1 tsp. this mixture brew 200 ml of boiling water, insist and give a drink to the child during the day. Course - 2-3 weeks.
3) Avoid overcooling, drafts.
4) Make a compress on the ear with camphor alcohol diluted in half with water.
(Healthy Holidays, 2009 No. 8, page 18,)

How to treat an ear with onions.
The child's ear fell ill at night, pulled from the inside,the girl could not fall asleep, then her mother remembered that in her childhood, in the same situation, onion juice helped well. It is necessary to bake the bulb in the husk until the brown juice appears. It must be wrung out and buried warm in the ear. The yanking stopped after a few minutes. After this treatment, the disease did not return. (HLS of 2009 No. 10, page 33, 2003 No. 22, page 5)

How to cure otitis in a child's steam bath.
Take a pot of 5-6 liters, boil water in itand throw there on a handful of herbs: sage, mint, elderberry, plantain, lime blossom and pounded dill seeds. Put the pan on a stool, undress the baby to the waist and cover with a blanket. Shift the lid from the pan, the child should keep his eyes, nose, mouth open and inhale as much as possible, turning his head to a pair of one or the other ear. The procedure is 10-12 minutes. Then wipe the child from sweat with a damp cold towel and lay him on the bed, tied his head with a handkerchief. After 1-2 days, repeat the procedure if necessary. This method treats the entire nasopharynx and ears (Healthy Lifestyle 2009 No. 12, page 30)

Otitis in a child - treatment with beets.
A one-year-old boy was diagnosed with congenital otitis -flowed from the ear constantly. Antibiotics and other drugs did not help. One old woman advised a folk remedy for otitis. It is necessary to sew a linen bag with a hole, so that the compress was conveniently laid around the ear, and it should fit snugly against the baby's head. Raw beetroot finely grate and fold into a bag. Then apply polyethylene, cotton wool and a fixing bandage. Three procedures were enough to rid the child of chronic otitis media. (HMO 2006 No. 14, page 31)

Purulent otitis in a child is a folk remedy.
One-year-old child started purulent otitis, from the earthe pus was crying and crying. At the cry came a neighbor and gave this advice: freshly squeezed carrot juice mixed with melted butter 1: 1 and a warm mixture to drip into the ear. Camphor alcohol dilute in half with water, moisten cotton wool and lay behind the ear, put on the hat. Give the child half a pill of aspirin. The woman fulfilled all the directions of the neighbor. The child fell asleep and slept for 18 hours. The procedures were done for 5 days, on the 6th day, their ear was stopped. (HLS 2005 No. 7, page 29)

Chronic otitis in a child - treatment of geranium juice.
When the child was 2 years old, he started otitis. Soon the disease took a chronic form. Ears flowed from the ears, holes were formed in the tympanic membrane. The illness subsided for a short while, then the ears again became inflamed. Then they offered a folk remedy for ear treatment - geranium juice. Geranium should be taken with carved leaves, which blooms in small blue flowers, and not caps-inflorescences with round leaves. Wash the leaves with boiled water, dry, dry the juice manually through gauze. To drip into each ear on 1 drop, but before it to dry an ear from pus a cotton flagellum. Do the procedure daily until the allocation will not stop. Do not allow water to enter the ear during and after treatment. After this treatment, the child's otitis passed and never bothered again. The holes in the eardrums are overgrown. (HLS 2004 No. 8, page 25).
With ordinary otitis will help and ordinary geranium with round leaves with a border, if you put mashed leaves into a sore ear, the pain quickly passes (2003, No. 13, page 18,)

Treatment of the ears with chamomile.
The child started otitis at 10 months, stronglyears hurt, the girl cried for more than a day. Helped neighbor - a homoeopathic doctor. She sewed 4 bags from a wide bandage in 2 layers, the size of a palm. Two pouches were heated on a dry frying pan, warm sacks applied to the ears. At this time other bags were warmed. So the child was treated all evening with warm bags. At night, two bags were left under the hat. In the morning on one of them there was a purulent speck. Pain was no more. (2002, No. 3, page 16)

All traditional methods of treatment can have contraindications. Before applying the prescription, consult a doctor!

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