How to remove ankle swelling

With the modern rhythm of life, the swelling of the legs is becoming more and more common and commonplace. And, unfortunately, almost every woman faces this problem. What should I do if my legs swell? How to get rid of leg swelling? How to choose the right remedy for leg swelling? These questions ask themselves more and morethe number of women. In folk medicine and in any pharmacy you can find a lot of drugs that help to remove puffiness, but, unfortunately, leg swelling is not always the result of overwork or wearing uncomfortable shoes. If you begin to notice that too often hurt and swollen legs - this can be a signal of violations in the body. In such cases, it is better to take immediate action, because coping with the disease is much easier at the beginning than when it takes an acute or chronic form. First of all, it is necessary to determine why the legs swell.

The most common cause of edema is overfatigue, unsuitable shoes, intense heat. In such cases, gymnastics will help

for feet, change of shoes, good rest.

If you have a strong swelling of the legs for no apparent reason (you are not overtired, do not wear uncomfortable shoes, etc.), then you should conduct a survey.

Swelling of the feet and lower leg can testifyon the development of heart failure. In such cases, both extremities swell symmetrically. It is necessary to limit the intake of salt, as it takes out the potassium necessary for the work of the heart. Enter in the diet products with high content of potassium - rice, oatmeal, cabbage, baked potatoes. Raisins, kiwi, oranges, dog rose, dried apricots also contain potassium. With heart failure after swelling of the legs, general swelling may begin to develop.

Swelling of the ankles in the legs can occur with excessive weight, due to metabolic disorders.

In case of problems with the kidneys, in addition to edema of the legs, edema of the face is usually observed, especially in the eye area, not only local, but general edema is observed.

The cause of swelling of one leg or asymmetricaledema can serve as the formation of thrombi in venous vessels. In this case, the skin in the thrombus area becomes inflamed, redness and painful sensations appear. A thrombosis can testify both about a varicose disease and about problems with the heart.

Varicose veins are a reala disaster for women. With varicose veins, usually a marked increase in veins and capillaries, heaviness in the legs, swelling appear later in the evening, are asymmetric. The cause of the development is a violation of the outflow of blood, which increases the pressure in the veins and vessels. In no case can varicose veins be treated with hot baths. It is also not recommended to take a hot shower.

With swelling of the feet, treatment should begin with the cause of their occurrence.

General recommendations for edema arereduction of salt intake, wearing quality footwear that does not cause overstraining of legs and performing simple gymnastics. If you are at work, then knead your feet, getting on your toes and moving the weight of the body to the heels, perform a circular foot motion. If the work is "sedentary", stand up more often and get rid of the habit of sitting on your leg. Sleep is recommended with a pad under your feet.

To get rid of edema will help you and simple folk remedies. Here are a few recipes for how to remove leg swelling at home:

  • tincture of Kalanchoe. Fill a half-liter jar with half-milled fresh leaves of Kalanchoe and pour it with vodka to the top of the jar. 2 weeks insist, and the resulting tincture rub your legs before going to bed;
  • a bath of strong decoction of a grass of a wood-berry;
  • veins of fresh cabbage leaf suppress the rolling pin and, attaching it to the problem site, fix it with a plaster;
  • bath of 1 tbsp. l. sea ​​salt per liter of water. Temperature 35 ° С;
  • if swelling of the legs with varicose nodules, it is useful to apply steamed elder leaves.

Applying various means, do not turn yourself intothe experimental rabbit, since removing the swelling of the legs, without establishing the cause, can be a very difficult task. Moreover, you risk aggravating the situation by choosing a method that is contraindicated in your case. Health - a pledge of beauty and vivacity. If your body warns you about problems, listen to it, and then you will rid yourself of many problems caused by neglected diseases.