Edema of the eyelid after stroke

Than to cover the eye under the eye - urgently. Remove the swelling of the eyelid after stroke

The speed of healing is related to the physiologicalthe state of the body (immunity), there are people who have a bruise in a couple of days without any auxiliary means, while others, on the contrary, have no effect. But nevertheless, you need to do so - if you can immediately. after hitting to apply ice or freeze the tumor with ice water, it is advisable to hold it for longer, for 1 hour. After that, the bruise and swelling will certainly be, but not so extensive. Again, there is a danger of catching a paralized place, too bad. Next, drink a diuretic tablet to get swelling, come down in 1-2 days. To smear ointment Bodyja 911, the following way: the layer of ointment is strictly put on the porous place, it is obligatory. rub it, massage it with light movements, every 20-30 minutes, every hour we wash off the ointment from the face and smear again. We drink more liquid. At night we put on a bandage for 4 hours with a handkerchief soaked in salt water, the next 4 hours, a bandage with raw potatoes cut into plastic. If you have a less healthy body, then the bruise will turn yellow and the tumor will subside on the third day, when it can already be retouched or dressed in glasses that will look normal, because the face is not warped. And the yellow background is removed by warm lotions from boiled potatoes, or the ferry over the pan, ointment at this time already to smear is not necessary.

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