Edema at the injection site

The last twenty years, such problems (phlegmon,infiltrates, abscesses) began to occur quite often. Inflammation from injections can cause a lot of discomfort to the patient. How to identify and cure this complication, read further in the article.

Causes of inflammation from pricks

Most likely, frequent inflammation can be explaineda change in the reactivity of the human body. Adding to its tissue microorganisms using improperly sterilized syringes, drugs and injection needles, damaging effect on tissues. Preparations with their highly concentrated solutions are also able to cause inflammation and aseptic necrosis at the injection site. Especially often inflammation develops after a solution of magnesium sulfate with a high concentration.

The main causes of the phenomenon are:

  • Disturbance of injection technique,
  • Introduction of unheated oil solutions,
  • Multiple shots in the same places.

Types of complications from the procedure of injections

In the first days after the injection there is an infiltration,which is characterized by hyperemia, edema, soreness, the intensity of which depends on the depth of the process. Usually infiltration is accompanied by an increase in body temperature and an inflammatory change in the blood. In the near future, the infiltrate either resolves itself, or it can go into purulent inflammation from the injection - phlegmon or abscess.

Abscess as a kind of complication from a prick

Postinjection process is characterized by a fairly rapid limitation of the inflammatory process.

In such cases, the size of the infiltrate after inflammation after the injection gradually increases until a demarcation zone forms, which then forms into a well-defined demarcation shell.

In the middle of the abscess, softening of pus develops, which increases toward the periphery.

The skin can thin out, which leads to a spontaneous breakthrough of the abscess.

At the site of inflammation after the injection, hyperemia and swelling and soreness are formed.

During the formation of the pyogenic capsule, the inflammatory and temperature reaction in the blood decreases in place of the abscess after the injection.

Phlegmon as a kind of inflammation from a nyxis

Phlegmon after injection - it's usually fastProgressive impregnation with pus fiber and surrounding tissues, which in some areas are prone to melt. On the periphery purulent impregnation of phlegmon at the site of the injection, which does not have clear boundaries, can pass into the zone of serous infiltration. At this point, there is swelling, dense diffuse infiltration, hyperemia, cutting pain, local hyperthermia, well-marked swelling of surrounding tissues. With constant observation it is possible to reveal in the phlegmon several areas of fluctuations and softening. In the case of intermuscular phlegmon, pain syndrome and general intoxication in case of nasal inflammation accompanied by fever are more pronounced.

Treatment and prevention of inflammation after injections

Many people in their lives hadface with all kinds of injections and injections, and it's no secret that after them there are painful and unpleasant cones on soft tissues. With such formations one can and must fight. Because the inflammation of the tissues left after injections, can lead to various kinds of abscesses, suppuration and prolonged densification.

If after a nyxis for several hours notburning, redness and pain, it is an indication that you should seek medical help. Because this way develops a sharp abscess.

If you are just concerned about seals in the area of ​​the injections, then with such inflammations you can safely manage independently. There are several options!

How to deal with soft tissue inflammation after the injection?

The first, and quite common treatment -This is an iodine mesh, which is applied twice a day to places with formed cones. A cotton swab or a swab "draw" on your body a simple pattern and in a few days notice how the seals begin to decrease.

Will come to the rescue and cabbage leaf. This method, perhaps, is one of the oldest. Take a sheet of fresh and juicy cabbage and put it to the sore spots, fixed either with a bandage or with an adhesive plaster. Leave preferably for a whole night and if possible change the sheet several times.

As well relieve from inflammation anda variety of compresses and lotions. They can be made on the basis of Dimexide, in a proportion of 1 to 1 diluting with water; compresses with a weak solution of alcohol, and ointments that relieve swelling of soft tissues. Good and helps the Troxvazin Gel.

Another effective and uncomplicated remedy againstcones from pricks - a honey cake. The butter, honey and flour are mixed in such a way as to make a tight dough. With pieces of this test, cakes are formed and applied to the sore spots. Honey has a soothing and absorbing effect on the cones and thus they quickly disappear.

A good way to get rid of the symptomsinflammation is considered a boiled bulb with honey and garlic. Boiled bulb is mixed with a tablespoon of honey and a clove of garlic. The resulting gruel is applied to damaged areas for several hours.

It is also recommended to lubricate the injection sitea solution of vinegar and water in equal parts, several times a day. Vinegar has an anti-inflammatory effect and relieves all kinds of swelling, including from injections.

Prevention of inflammatory diseases from pricks

In order to prevent the appearance of inflammation, you should know why they actually appear.

The first thing that causes bruises and swelling -these are syringes. In the world now appeared syringes of a new sample, three-component. By their structure, these syringes make it possible to administer drugs slowly and painlessly, which in turn allows the distribution of the fluid evenly in the soft tissues of the body, which is the basis for the absence of any hardening.

The second thing that can serve to relieve inflammationin the future, is the incorrect injection of the syringe into the body. Inadequate penetration of the needle, too rapid introduction of the medicine, a strong punch when piercing with a needle - these and many other nuances are a sure sign that there will be cones and bruises on the body. To prevent this from happening, you need to learn how to properly inject and calculate the strength with which the injection is made.

It is also worth looking closely at which syringesyou buy at pharmacies. Chinese counterfeits are found even among such products, therefore it is better to buy more expensive ones, but with a license and proper quality.

© Author: therapist Elena Dmitrenko

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