Edema after injury treatment

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      • With bruises, each of us came across many timesfor the whole life. After all, in order to earn such a trauma, you do not need to try hard at all. At home, at work or in nature, a modern person can be hurt, without noticing it. However, despite the prevalence of this type of injury, very few people know how to properly provide first aid.

        After a bruise, a person feels severe pain. and at the site of damage there is a hematoma and traumatic swelling. It is important that the swelling after the impact in time was processed. After all, it's tissue damage. The fact is that as a result of such damage blood vessels burst, and the damaged space itself is further decomposed. If you give first aid after a stroke in time, there is a possibility that there will not be edema at all.

        How to treat swelling after a stroke

        How to treat edema after a bruise

        Often, the development of bruising or bruising is associated with the resulting injury or stroke, because because of them there is the following:

        • burst blood vessels;
        • the blood cells remain under the skin surface with small nuances;
        • the subcutaneous layer changes color;
        • there are suitable conditions for puffiness.

        Approximately similar symptoms occur with the use of certain medications that lead to the dilution of blood, as well as when you are too much in a strong sun.

        For some time, bruises pass by themselves. When healing, their color gradually changes. From black they become yellow-green, and then they are compared in a shade with natural skin.

        There is a small feature related tothe location of the hematoma. The lower it was formed, the longer the healing will go. On the face such damage, for example, will heal within a week, and on the limb the same bruise will heal for about a month.

        The best methods of treatment - a compress and cold air baths. You can attach a piece of cloth, moistened with cold water or even a piece of frozen meat from the freezer.

        However, it will be more effective to use for thesepurposes of herbal decoction. For this, it is necessary to brew sagebrush, heather, yarrow, St. John's wort and plantain, cool the broth and apply lotions to the site of the injury.

        Folk remedies for the treatment of edema

        Folk remedies for the treatment of edema

        If the first aid after a bruise was not providedin time, and the edema still formed, not necessarily immediately go to the hospital. You can try to overcome the unpleasant symptom with the help of folk remedies. One of those is strong tea. It should not be taken orally, but compresses should be made from it. For this, cool the brew, cool, and collect the tea leaves in a bandage. Apply the compress to the damaged area, periodically moistening it in cold tea.

        In order to overcome the pain syndrome, whichis a common occurrence from a bruise, we recommend using a bulb. We rub the onion on a small grater, so that it starts the juice, put it on gauze and put it to the place of the bruise.

        Everyone knows such a good childhooda remedy like plantain. It was always recommended that it be applied to all wounds, cuts and abrasions. A plantain can help in the fight against swelling from bruises. It is possible not only to apply fresh leaves to trauma, but also to use plantain juice for compresses. Also one more excellent folk remedies are decoctions of wormwood and wild garlic roots.

        Folk remedies for the treatment of edema

        If no herbs and infusions are at hand, you can make a compress of vinegar and water. Dilute these ingredients in equal amounts and apply a moistened cloth to the swollen place.

        Another home product, which will help to overcome the pain and swelling from the bruise, is cottage cheese. Cool it in the freezer and apply a compress to the bruise.

        An elastic bandage is often used, especially ifhematoma on the limbs. It is necessary to create pressure on the vessels. Cold apply immediately after striking. It is recommended to do a compress for about 15 minutes, then you need a break. If a hematoma has passed a day, you can apply heat.

        An extremely effective method of combating edema -lotion from cabbage leaf. To do this, the sheet is scalded in boiling water, covered with a thin layer of honey and applied to the bruised, swollen place, wrapped on top with a towel. Leave this lotion for a while until it dries completely. It is best to do such procedures at night.

        Preparations for the treatment of edema

        Preparations for the treatment of edema

        If the people's means do not inspire confidence orgive the proper effect, you can try to fight with swelling with the help of medication. This can be a Troxevasin gel, iodine mesh or compresses from a solution of magnesia, which are superimposed on the site of edema.

        It is necessary to know that the pain and puffiness thatdo not pass a long time, can be symptoms of a much more serious problem than a simple bruise. Perhaps during the impact a person received a fracture or a crack. In this case, you need to contact a trauma doctor who will help you deal with the problems and select the necessary treatment.