Eyebrow tattoo swelling of the eyelids

Here are the work looked? http: // pm-forum.ru / index.php? action = gal lery I did my last year's lips, too, in the plans to make my eyes. Itself I'm afraid. But they say that the lips are more painful, so I'm ready morally. And you will be an arrow and an interminable do? According to reviews, the edema on the next day basically passes, my lips have also gone, you can drink suprastin to speed up the process. Do not be afraid, all this turns pale and comes to naught. If the master is checked, then the jambs should not be, the main thing is to discuss all the details so that it does not work like this: http://pm-forum.ru/index.php?action=gal lery; sa = view; id = 213

Your links do not open, but it's interesting to see what's there. check pliz

My girlfriend before rest did the tattoo of the uppercentury. It hurts says it was. Well, of course, the skin is thin. It turned out very beautifully. I was afraid that she herself arrows ala Audrey Hepburn zabatsaet, but no - it turned out very neatly, along the line of the eyelashes. Very well, such blonde girls, eyes are not lost on the face, if not to make up.
Edema was in my opinion for several days (I do not remember exactly). But she made up her mind to get home from the salon.
But I can not say how long I can keep up - she was promised 3 years.

I did. Painfully I wanted to be beautiful and unpainted at the same time. it was painful despite anesthesia. The edema lasted 2 days, black crusts, horror. Pigment was almost completely rejected, there was nothing left, but I did not go to correction in a month (although they do not take extra money for correction)