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My mother (63 years) on Saturday, September 28 afterthe next session of acupuncture came home, everything was fine and suddenly. there was a sharp pain in the left knee - just could not walk, by the evening began to appear swelling, which was growing and became max. 1 October. at the same time as everything started: there was a temperature of 39, could not walk - my knee was in pain - pains pulled and blunt, my mother drank febrifugal. October 2 went to see a doctor, the doctor said: pronounced synovitis - made a puncture of the knee joint, pumped about 100 ml of thick dark turbid liquid. Diprospan was injected into the joint and ceftriaxone was administered 5 days 2 times a day v / m + metrogil 4 days to 100 ml IV. Temperatures like did not become, pains have decreased, but only in rest. On October 5, the temperature began to rise again to 38, the pains again appeared alone, making ketonal v / m. Have taken pictures MRT on October, 7th on October on a reception at the doctor again have made a puncture - pumped out 50ml of a liquid which has a little brightened and turbidity has passed or has taken place a little. Assigned an azimac 500 mg capsule for 3 days. 11October again went to have a puncture - liquid clear light. On October 12-13, the temperature began to rise again to 37-38. Aching pains are in rest, can not walk, everything hurts. October 14 - a temperature of 38 or more, began to rise - drank paracetamol - fell to normal swelling in the joint area is and it seems to the view again accruing. Were at the reception of a doctor - was sent to purulent surgery for a consultation.

October 16 - went to the hospital the condition does not improve, temperature, pain. My mother was tortured.
MRI study. Left knee joint The study was performed in coronary, sagittal and transversal projections, in T 2, T 1, PD. STIR. thickness of cut 4 mm. Articular surfaces with pronounced marginal aggravations, their congruence is not disturbed. Degenerative changes are noted in the subchondral sections of the femoral and bole-spine bones, and cystic changes in the boles. The height of the articular cartilage is reduced. Menisci reduced, degenerated (mainly the horn and the body of the medial meniscus). The signal characteristics of the anterior cruciate ligament are increased, the course and dimensions are preserved, the contours are even. The posterior cross-shaped and lateral ligaments have the usual course of size and structure. The capsule of the joint is not thickened. Suprapatellar and in the joint cavity a pronounced amount of effusion is determined. Patella with marginal urges. Patellofemoral articulation narrowed. Fat body of the usual size of the structure. Paraarticular soft tissues without areas of pathological signal. In the popliteal region on the left, a cyst with a diameter of 1.8 cm is determined. CONCLUSION: Osteoarthrosis of the left knee joint (III century) Degenerative changes of the meniscus. Patellofemoral arthrosis. Suprapatulatory bursitis. Synovitis. Tell me, please, why there is no improvement, are we being treated correctly, what will you advise?

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Such a disease (purulent gonarthritis I suspect still initially) to be treated only in the hospital and only with full restriction of movements in the joint due to gypsum / orthosis with movement on crutches
"Cured" joint (otherwise I can not characterize, since the treatment is not completely clear and logical) continue to treat further difficult without an explicit assessment of clinical symptoms
+ to this I recommend OAK + leukoformula + ESR, CRP (quantitative), procalcitonin
MRI within the age limit, at this stage is not informative in relation to the diagnosis

Most likely in this case, it is worth considering the issue of surgical treatment, the form of which can be determined after a microbiological study of joint fluid (seeding).

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