Finger swelling and blue

I found a very useful piece of advice, what should be done if the nail is badly bruised and it turns blue and it hurts badly. The pain comes from the fact that the accumulated underWith a fingernail the blood presses on the nerve endings, which are known to be very numerous. It turns out that you just need to release this accumulated blood. It is not difficult to do this and does not hurt at all. It is necessary to heat up the tip of the needle to the red and gently burn a hole in the center of the nail from which the blood should come out.

The second day I nurse with the thumb of my right hand (I slammed the door of the car with my finger).

The first step is to contact thea trauma center where you will be examined by a traumatologist will direct you to an x-ray. In my case, there was no fracture. The doctor advised to make a needle with about 10 punctures on the nail plate heated. The blood left, the pulsation stopped and the nail became successful and did not leave the finger quickly. did not go all out.

The nail gathered blood and created an excesspressure. If the finger is swollen and you have a severe throbbing pain, the best way to get rid of it is to open the nail. I usually make it an ordinary blade (I cut the nail from the top until the blood sprays), but if the spirit does not suffice, then go to the nearest clinic and you will open the nail (do not forget the health insurance policy and passport). If you do not do this, you have a sleepless night. Cold is already putting bestolku, and obezbalivayuschee you yourself will not prick.

It would be nice to do an x-ray: it is quite possible that the finger is broken. The fact that the finger turns blue can be one of the signs of a fracture.

If the finger hit, it hurts badly, you can notthey have to move, then you need to contact a traumatologist or a surgeon. Finger. of course, will not be circumcised, as the Vikkwak "threatened", but will examine. if you need to impose a plaster or write out the necessary treatment.