Swelling of the suture after childbirth

Most young mothers after childbirth complain aboutedema. It is worth noting that this is a fairly common phenomenon among newly-given women. Such a defect causes concern, especially if it does not last long.

Why do postpartum swelling appear?

The swelling itself occurs as a result of congestionexcessive amount of liquid. Determine whether there is swelling can be by using a normal finger pressure. In this case, a hole is formed on the skin. Edema after childbirth can have varying degrees of severity.

Sometimes the whole body swells, in other cases only a certain part. If during the birth the doctors had to make intravenous injections, then the defect will appear only after 5-6 days.

In some cases this condition is accompanied bybreast tenderness and roughness, dryness and increased sensitivity of the nipples, so there is severe discomfort during the application of the baby to the chest.

Sometimes the pain is so strong that the naturalthe feeding is temporarily stopped. Increasing the volume of the limbs or the whole body requires wearing larger clothes, so an unpleasant feeling is also created.

Causes of edema after delivery

If the trouble does not go away a week after the birth of the baby, then for sure there are more serious reasons for its occurrence.

Significant accumulation of fluid in the body. This disorder occurs due to poor kidney function. But in this case, the pathology of these organs will be noticeable even during the bearing of the baby.

If they could not cope with increasedload, then after childbirth to restore their normal work will not be able to and the withdrawal of excess fluid for some time will be difficult. Chronic kidney disease in a woman increases the risk of swelling during a long period after childbirth.

Unbalanced food and unsuitable imagelife. Very often, the reasons are hidden in the excessive use of fluid and unhealthy diets. I want to drink after a lot of fried, sharp and salty dishes. But high motor activity also can do much harm. In this case, the cause is hidden in a prolonged stay in a standing position. As a result, the legs swell late in the evening, they have a feeling of heaviness, the next morning the swelling subsides.

Diseases of blood vessels. The main source is varicose veins, which, unfortunately, also very often occurs in pregnant women, especially in the last months of pregnancy. The increasing uterus compresses large venous trunks in the small pelvis and thereby prevents the outflow of blood from the lower limbs.

This pathology is present in every fourthwomen, but all of them know about it, because in the early stages of the disease is expressed quite poorly. In the case of persistent edema that are not caused by other causes, it is necessary to consult a specialist-phlebologist, because varicose veins are a very dangerous disease with serious consequences in the absence of treatment.

How to remove swelling that occurs after childbirth

The method of eliminating a defect directly depends on the cause of its occurrence.

If there is a kidney disease, thenrequire medical treatment. In this case, only a doctor can prescribe the necessary drugs, because a woman during lactation can not take many medications. Perhaps he will allow the use of folk diuretics, for example, birch sap or an apple peel infusion.

When the cause of trouble is baddiet and the wrong regime of the day, you need to correct them. For example, eat better dishes cooked on steamed or boiled, to exclude smoked products, to limit the use of liquid and salt.

As for drinking, the preference is given to mineral water without gas, compote without sugar and herbal teas. Activity and rest must constantly alternate, one can not spend the whole day "on foot ". This also applies to excessive passivity. Unpleasant phenomenon occurs only in the case when the regime is observed.

With varicose veins,contact a specialist who will choose a course of therapy depending on the degree of the disease. Such a patient, in any case, should rest more in a supine position, putting a cushion or pillow under her legs to make them higher than the heart.

It is necessary to do special relaxingfoot baths and, possibly, to wear compression underwear to relieve swelling. A special diet for dilution of blood can be prescribed. Then the diet includes products such as sea-buckthorn, viburnum, lemons, tomatoes, grapes, cranberries.

The doctor will give recommendations in this regard, because with breastfeeding, some substances from the mother's menu can get through the milk to the baby and the latter will have an allergic reaction.

Clotting of blood can be caused by a drawbackvitamins and minerals, for example, lecithin, zinc, selenium and vitamin C. A young mother should not abuse coffee, green and black tea, cocoa, and sodas. It is recommended to drink cranberry juice, grape juice, herbal teas, but the preference is better given to ordinary water.

When the swelling that occurs after childbirth subsides?

Normally, these defects must pass througha few days after delivery. If they are observed for more than a week or occur repeatedly, then there is some kind of disorder in the body. With chronic kidney disease, they go on for several weeks.

It should be noted that the time of edema decline dependsand from the accumulated fluid during pregnancy, which is eliminated by urination. Probably, every woman notices that after giving birth she began to visit the toilet more often.

An important point is thatliquid consumption is not desirable, because the production of milk can decrease, so it is important to get advice from a qualified specialist about this.

In some cases, restriction in drinking isforced measure. Also, excess water from the body can be eliminated by sweating, so that increased sweating in the postpartum period refers to the variant of the norm.

Swelling of the legs after childbirth should also go througha few days if the woman has healthy blood vessels. If this did not happen and the swelling increased, then the valves of the external and internal veins do not work well and there is varicose veins.

  • Hiking. Walking improves blood circulation, but do not overwork, because excessive activity also affects not the best way;
  • It is necessary to avoid both a long standing and sitting;
  • Legs during rest are always desirable to lift;
  • As for the products, the main enemy of the withdrawal of the liquid is salt, since it has the ability to retain water;
  • Laxatives and diuretics should not be used without a doctor's recommendation.

These recommendations can be used even during pregnancy as measures to prevent edema.

If there is no swelling and headache afterchildbirth, then, perhaps, increased blood pressure. Another problem that is the reason for going to the doctor is swelling of only one limb, which is accompanied by severe pain. This condition indicates a deep vein thrombosis - a life-threatening condition.