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Surface location of subcutaneousprednadkolennikovoy bag predisposes her to infection through the damaged skin. People who are forced to stay on their knees for a long time on their knees, this bag often thickens due to constant trauma. Although the cause of prednadolinic bursitis can be gout or rheumatoid arthritis, most often it is infectious.

Suddenly there is swelling in the areapatella, fever and chills; the skin over the swelling is red and hot. Edema extends to the adjacent soft tissue. Palpation of the knee joint allows to exclude arthritis and effusion in the joint cavity. With bursitis, in contrast to purulent arthritis, passive extension of the knee joint is not difficult and painless. Only with full bending of the knee because of the tension of the skin over the inflamed bag, some discomfort is possible.

The diagnosis, as with purulent ulnar bursitis,based on the results of synovial fluid research. Occasionally, patients will come to the doctor after the bag has been ripped. In such cases, punctate adjacent tissues, covered with purulent inflammation, since enough and a small amount of liquid is needed for sowing.

Treatment for Purulent Preexillary Bursitisthe same as with purulent ulnar - regular drainage of the bag and the use of antibiotics active against Staphylococcus aureus and streptococci, until negative results are obtained.

Since prednadolidennial bursitis is worsetreatable, it is better to start with IV antibiotics or at least switch to their iv administration if ingestion for several days did not reduce edema and hyperemia, and the results of the planting remained positive.

To avoid further injury to the bag, the knee joint is splinted, and the patient is recommended to perform static exercises to strengthen the quadriceps muscle.

If the medication is ineffective,The patient is referred to an orthopedic surgeon for surgical treatment and a more thorough draining of the bag. Drainage under the control of CT or ultrasound using a catheter, the end of which has many holes and is bent in the form of a ponytail, can be no less effective than surgical treatment.

In chronic non-infectious bursitis patients are advised to use knee pads and try not to kneel.

Unfortunately, in most cases, these measures are not enough and we have to resort to surgical treatment.

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