Than to treat cardiac edema

* Pushkevich-kota * Master (1292) 2 years ago

Hello, here's heart failure bythe Internet just needs to be treated. Aha. Now you will write this. And what else do you yourself think on the basis of advice to one God knows. Even diuretics must be drunk correctly. This is a whole lecture. It is necessary to address to the doctor with such problems, instead of here. And just do you know that it's heart swelling?

Marina Karpukhina (Masko) Artificial Intelligence (119880) 2 years ago

To remove the cause of heart failure.
Legs are symptomatic. Diuretic.

__ __ Мудрец (14239) 2 years ago

Piramidonovna Artificial Intelligence (205061) 2 years ago

Drugs prescribed by a cardiologist. And do not drink diuretics without the appointment of a doctor - you still need the kidneys.