Swelling of the knees

When swelling is important to understand the nature of the phenomenon - independing on the cause, you can either make a warming compress, or apply a cooling cream, or a tightening bandage (if pain / swelling occurs regularly, it's best to wear a bandage during training). As an option to relieve pain for myself I use contrast shower - I start with a warm, then hot, cold. go out after the cold, carefully rubbing and brushing the knee with the selected ointment. I am saved from pain by a "horse ointment" with a blue label (sold in veterinary pharmacies, designed for horses, BUT! It is often recommended by orthopedists). It still has a green label, but it is too minty - after such a people do not show up))) Also, swelling and pain removed electromassage (in my case, Danas or Chinese with aliexpress). Danas is good because there are several modes of electro massage, the Chinese - by the fact that from one "tablet" (battery) makes you jump up to the ceiling, drowning the pain and allowing you to put your foot straight, ie. not aggravating the situation with edema by the incorrect position of the joint. Es-but that the power is regulated, i.e. you set yourself "masochism" if necessary. The rest of the time you use a gentle mode.