Edema in the small pelvis

Physical loads are largelydecreased in connection with the development of the technological process and almost complete automation of labor. In this regard, people began to move less, and due to full employment there is still no time to visit the gyms. Motor activity is a guarantee of health, because it provides normal blood circulation, prevents stagnation, varicosity and other diseases. One of such negative consequences is violations of the blood flow to the organs of the hip area. This leads to disorders of a sexual nature, to the propagation of pathogenic microflora and microbes, to inflammatory processes in the organs of the genitourinary system.

There are several methods that causeimprovement of blood circulation in the small pelvis in men and women. These are drugs and gymnastics. They can be very effective, if properly identify the root cause of violations. Let's talk about this on this page www.rasteniya-lecarstvennie.ru.

Why is the pelvic circulation slowing down?

First of all, let's talk about what canprovoke violations. First, as already mentioned, this is a sedentary lifestyle. People who do not move much during the day, do not walk, they are faced with the fact that the blood vessels are squeezed by the muscles and cartilage of the small pelvis. This prevents the circulation of blood.

Secondly, the disease can be caused by the constant lifting of heavy objects. This is especially dangerous for women.

Thirdly, of course, great importance hasfood. If you prefer fatty foods, sweets and flour products, fast food, then on the walls of the vessels appear in large quantities of cholesterol plaques. They also interfere with normal active blood flow.

Fourth, the disease leads to a weakening of the walls of the vessels. This is due to the fact that the body receives an insufficient amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Another important reason - the use of alcoholic beverages, smoking, which causes a strong intoxication of the body and blockage of blood vessels.

And finally, the problem can be provoked by purely female diseases: the bending of the uterus, the prolonged intake of oral contraceptives, as well as pregnancy and subsequent childbirth.

Healing exercises to improve blood circulation in the pelvis

For those who have a working day with a continuouseight-hour seat at the computer, just have to hourly get up from the table and at least five or ten minutes to walk around, do a few inclines, stretch well. If in the mornings or evenings there is time for jogs, then you need to use it. This will avoid many health problems.

Normal exercises, which we will talk aboutfurther, you can perform even at home in front of the TV. A positive result will not keep you waiting. The main thing is not to be lazy. Say yes to physical stress! Here's the gymnastics for improving blood circulation in a small pelvis for you:

1. We stand straight, we set our feet to the width of the shoulders, slightly bend the knees. Put your hands on the waist. We perform a slow squat, strongly squeezing the buttocks. We do not sink to the end, we keep in the semicircle for 10-15 seconds. Also slowly come back up. In total it is necessary to make not less than 12 repetitions, for beginners it is authorized to begin with 8-10.

2. We lay on our backs, bend our knees, and with our feet we press ourselves to the floor. We lower our hands to the floor along the body, we try to lift the pelvis as high as possible, while strongly compressing the buttocks. This exercise is simply gorgeous, not only for restoring blood circulation, but also for tightening and strengthening the muscles of the buttocks. Regular execution of it will allow to have a beautiful and elastic ass. We do 20 repetitions, perform slowly and smoothly.

3. We stay in the prone position. We raise our legs and perform the simplest exercise - a bicycle. The duration of one repetition is 3-4 minutes, then a break and 3 more approaches. It would be nice to do a real bike ride. This is not just a general strengthening activity, cardiogram, but also one of the most effective ways to combat stagnation of the blood.

4. After the "bike" we stretch our legs forward well, remain in the supine position. Did you have a minute's rest? We raise our legs up again, we begin to describe the circle before our eyes. First, rotate the legs along the clockwise direction, then - against. You can imagine that you have to write down all the digits in order by steps - from 0 to 10. With a break, you need to repeat the execution 3 times.

5. Lay our heads towards the wall about 50 centimeters from it. Hands we put under the buttocks, and we try to reach straight to the wall with our straight legs, throwing them over the head. We repeat the ascents 8-10 times. Can not touch the surface of the wall with socks? Do not worry, the first time, maybe not everything will be perfect. Just raise your legs and hold them at the top, while also tearing your lower back from the floor.

Now you can relax. After such exercises you can feel a rush of blood to the pelvic organs, and in addition, the press has also worked well from such a load. To perform such exercises it is enough to spend a day at least 15-20 minutes. But the well-being will noticeably improve, the volume of the thighs and buttocks will decrease, the blood circulation will recover.

An excellent result will give swimming: a hike in the pool can be given at least two hours a week. In combination with gymnastics, practicing in the water will not only allow you to correctly and safely load muscles and work out the joints, but will also bring the whole body into tone.

Preparations for the restoration of blood supply

Preparations for improving blood circulation in the small pelvis are not recommended for self-administration. Be sure to consult with your doctor. Mainly used are:

- Escuzane - a drug that promotes vascular strengthening and has a toning effect; is prescribed for 15 drops in the morning, afternoon and evening for two months.

- VENZA - a remedy for homeopathic therapy,Activating blood circulation, strengthening vessels and capillaries, eliminating inflammation and swelling; it is recommended to take 10 drops three times a day for 1.5-2 months.

- Ascorutin - known as a vitamin, fortifying agent, is an antioxidant and reduces fragility of blood vessels. Take one tablet three times during the day, continue for three weeks.

Improve circulation of blood folk remedies

- Believe in alcohol tincture of garlic. 300 grams of peeled grated garlic (you can simply cut it with a knife) are poured with 200 grams of good vodka and 14 days are kept in a dark place. Further, it is desirable to filter the beverage. Take tincture of 30 drops three times before eating.

- Pumpkin seeds and honey too will help. Prepare 500 grams of peeled pumpkin seed. Grind them. Pour 250 grams of honey. Stir. Put in the refrigerator. Use the composition on a teaspoon 15-20 minutes before eating.

Both recipes can be used at the same time! The course of treatment is a month. Break is a month. Then you can repeat.

In time, pay attention to signals,which feeds your body. So many serious problems can be avoided, and most diseases are successfully cured at the initial stages of development.