Edema in the rectum

Inflammation of the rectum is called the termproctitis or paraproctitis. This unpleasant ailment is characterized by inflammation of the intestinal mucosa. How to treat the disease, the doctor-proctologist decides, but you must be fully armed with knowledge to ensure the competence of your doctor.

Symptoms of progressive inflammation of the rectum

Symptoms of the disease occur suddenly. The disease has a number of manifestations:

acute pain in the rectum;

bloody or purulent discharge;

pain during defecation;

elevated body temperature as a symptom of rectal inflammation;

severe pain in the perineum;

Diagnosis of the disease using a series of tests andanalyzes - rectoscopy, rectal palpation, rectum biopsy, stool analysis and general blood analysis. The consequences of this disease are quite serious.

Symptoms of acute inflammation of the rectum

This type of inflammation is rare, butif there is, then its course is quite heavy due to well-expressed local sensations. In addition, the danger of this type of inflammation lies in the fact that it can develop not only for several days, but even for several hours.

The main symptoms of bowel disease will be:

false desires against the background of constipation,

a burning sensation in the rectum and a feeling of heaviness in it.

To additional symptoms of the disease can be attributed pain in the perineum, which gives in the lower back or in the genitals, diarrhea with bloody impurity or constipation.

Symptoms of chronic inflammation of the rectum

In the chronic course of the disease of general symptomsalmost no, and local symptoms are not noticeable. For example, it can only be a feeling of sputum, itching or burning in the anal area. In rare cases, all these signs can manifest simultaneously.

Because of such meager symptoms of inflammation of the rectum, patients do not consider it necessary to contact doctors and at best try to solve the problem by folk remedies.

Meanwhile, the inflammation develops during thelong time. In this case, although the periods of exacerbation and fading alternate, but the process itself progresses: after consuming spicy food, the burning becomes more intense, mucopurulent or mucous discharge appears. Sometimes in the area of ​​the anus can be a sharp itching. But in the phase of remission of inflammation of the rectum, the patient may not have any symptoms of the disease. The only exceptions are mucus in the feces and the development of chronic constipation.

Symptoms of various forms of inflammation of the rectum

The disease has various forms:

mixed forms of inflammation of the rectum.

The forms of inflammation, in turn, are divided into chronic, acute and subacute.

Methods of treating inflammation of the rectum

How to treat inflammation, appoint a doctor after the examination. The method of therapy depends on the type and form of the disease. The complex treatment system is based on:

special diet. Exclude fruits, vegetables, heavy fried foods, alcohol. At the heart of the diet for inflammation of the rectum - soups on broth with dietary type of meat (chicken, turkey), lactic acid products (kefir, ferment, fermented, skim yogurt) and grinded meat;

medicamentous treatment - special antibiotics. Sometimes antibacterial therapy (depending on the results of sowing on bacteria);

physiotherapy - mud baths, washing with alkaline mineral water, therapeutic exercises, massage;

Surgical intervention - only with the appearance of cicatricial narrowing.

The treatment scheme directly depends on both the formillness, and the reasons for its development. If the patient develops exacerbations in the form of erosive, catarrhal-purulent, polypous or ulcerative forms of inflammation of the rectum, his hospitalization is necessary.

Principles of therapy for acute and chronic inflammation

The main component of treatment of inflammation isindividual antibiotic prescription, which suppress the spread of infection, which became the causative agent proctitis. To determine the most suitable preparation for each specific case, a culture of intestinal contents is carried out, through which it is possible to detect the sensitivity of pathogenic microflora to an antibiotic. Based on these results, antibacterial treatment of inflammation of the rectum is prescribed.

With chronic inflammation during periods of exacerbationtreatment is not much different from the one that is prescribed for patients with acute inflammation of the rectum. But this form of the disease after the treatment can provoke an exacerbation. Therefore, patients with this diagnosis should always follow the hygiene guidelines and adhere to the diet. In addition, in the stage of remission, patients are assigned directions for sanatorium treatment with mud baths.

How to treat inflammation of the colon by folk methods?

How to treat the disease, tell folk medicine. Only it is absolutely necessary to consult with the attending physician, what not to do much harm to health. Vegetative collections in the treatment of inflammation of the rectum are most often used in the form of baths or enemas.

Kinds of grasses with inflammation of the rectum

Herbs used for treatment can be conditionally divided into:

Wound healing, such as tansy, plantain, eucalyptus, aloe, raspberry, St. John's wort, sweet clover, calendula, nettle, yarrow.

Painkillers - linden, chamomile, willow, hops, oregano, celandine.

From the list above we choose for treatmentinflammation of the rectum in five herbs and begin preparing a miracle decoction. To do this, the mixture must be sifted to take large sheets to cut them or discard, we need only finely ground grass. We take 1 tbsp. l. obtained herbal mixture, pour 400g. water, bring to a boil and boil for 10 minutes. Give the broth a little to brew. After that, strain and add 1 tbsp. l. honey, 1 tsp. chamomile and 1 tbsp. l. Juice of St. John's wort.

Received infusion take three times a day for half a cup for half an hour before meals, and the rest should be drunk before bedtime. The course of treatment of inflammation of the rectum is 1,5-2 months.

Recipes for the treatment of inflammatory process of the rectum

The main recipes of phytotherapy with proctitis or paraproctitis include:

Collection of Kneipp (for bath sedentary) - a herb of sage,sporisha, labaznika 50 g. Bark of horse chestnut and oak to 100 g. For cooking, 2-3 tablespoons are needed. mixture pour boiling water (about 2.5 liters) and cook. Then pour one glass on the enema. Use the rest for a cold bath. Temperature - from 30 C to 18 C. Apply for treatment of inflammation of the rectum you need at least 10 days to feel the result.

For cliches (collection) - rhizome rhinoceros, cortexoak, the rhizome of the mountaineer snake, the root of sorrel coastal. Pour the collection of 1 liter of water and boil for 20-30 minutes. Then insist for about 2-3 hours. Used for enemas and compresses.

To treat an inflammation of a rectum it is necessarywith the use of enemas that have the property of wound healing. To prepare such a procedure, we need to pour 4 hours. l. 300g. water and boil for five minutes. In the course of an hour, let it brew, then this broth must be filtered through folded gauze many times and you can do enemas, but not more than 100g. and not more than three times a day.

Good action with inflammation of the rectumhave enemas from wound healing herbs. four teaspoons of herbs pour 300 ml of water and boil for five minutes. Insist for an hour, then pass through gauze and a given solution to do enemas at 100 ml two or three times a day for ten consecutive days.

It is recommended to treat inflammation with a cowwoman of the yellow present, they can even replace the use of water and tea.

Beneficial effect on the rectum has a folk remedy juice of mountain ash on ¼ cup three times a day, you can, that would not have been very sour add a little sugar.

It is recommended to add more raw carrots to the diet.

And for the night with inflammation drink 1 glass of hot infusion of horse sorrel.

With inflammation, couples are infused with chamomile. To do this, brew 1 teaspoon of chamomile in a glass of boiling water. And sit directly above this steam for fifteen minutes, while densely covering yourself with a blanket for the maximum possible warm-up.

When there are cracks in the rectum in folk medicine, so-called microclysters from aloe or Kalanchoe juice are used.

Also from cracks is used the folk remedy onbased on the root of comfrey 100g. leaves of nettle 100 grams and 75 grams of herb Tartar. At night, everything is filled with 2 cups of boiling water and insist (preferably in a thermos) until the morning. Take the remedy for the rectum before meals, preferably for half an hour, 100 ml infusion four times a day.

Favorable action is provided by the use of cool baths, but not more often than twice a week. It is necessary to abandon such products as fresh black bread, various condiments, cabbage, onions.

Causes of inflammation of the rectum

Specialists identify a number of factors (factors) that could contribute to the appearance of inflammation. They include: