Edema of external genital organs

The cause of edema of the external genital organs may be:

a common disease of the body leading to swelling in the body. This is observed in severe kidney and heart disease, with violations of endocrine compression

system of iliac veins with metastatic pelvic involvement of lymph nodes (for example, with prostate cancer)

state after trauma of the external organs of the genital

In cardiovascular pathology, edemaspread to the genital scrotum and penis. At the same time, the skin at, pale palpations are painless. Testicle and appendage is not necessary - consultation and treatment at the cardiologist or Posttraumatic are changed.

therapist (fracture of the penis - when the penis does not enter the vagina with sexual force, and with the act hits the femur or the bones of the woman's pelvis.

dislocation of the penis can occur in the same situation as the fracture, due to the ligament ligament fixing the penis to the pelvic except.

Bones of that, as a result of a traumatic sexual rupture with a member of one of the cavernous bodies, can develop cavernitis - the inflammation of the cavernous bodies of the genital is small.

member of the damages of the penis pinching the skin of the zipper.

infringement, is observed, with a member of a tug-of-war thread, wire or cord, putting on it ring-shaped objects.

In this case there are traces or injuries the patient indicateson the fact of receiving. trauma to the trauma of the penis is marked by bruising, swelling (sometimes large) soreness. Perhaps, spotting from the urethra.

In the organs of scrotum injuries, perhaps - pain, subcutaneous, swelling of the hematoma in the scrotal area is sometimes sexual in the spreading limb.

Edema with inflammatory processes occur wheninflammation of the testicles and appendages (At). hovepididymitis of this skin on the part of edematous inflammation, hyperemic (marked reddening), local temperature increase. When palpation - an egg or either, the appendage is simultaneously enlarged, dense and sharply Source.