Swelling of the cheek hurts the tooth


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Advise something, please. A few days ago I began to ache a tooth. It surprised me, because the tooth was sealed and had never bothered me before. Immediately go to the dentist, I could not, because she left for a couple of days in another city, so I took nimesil and the pain was gone. On the second day after returning home, I woke up with pain in the same tooth, but there was a small swelling on my cheek and pain in my ear. I decided that I missed out on the train, since something like this happened to me and the swelling usually passed in a couple of days, but that was not it. The next day I woke up with a swollen cheek and an aching aching in the tooth. On the same day I went to the dentist. As I already wrote, the tooth is sealed, and next to it there is an advanced tooth with a pin. The dentist somehow decided that the problem in the tooth with the pin, since the tooth was made relatively recently (in December last year), said that probably he did not get accustomed. I stressed that the tooth is hurting, which is near. As a result, she sent a tooth X-ray with a pin, but did not do anything. Has registered antibiotics - linkomitsin and diazolinum. Said to take a minimum of three days, but on the second day to appear to her. Today, seeing that the swelling has not disappeared, said that most likely will have to tear a tooth or make a cut, but I'm worried that I will pull out the wrong tooth. Said poprinimat tablets until tomorrow, and tomorrow he will turn to the surgeon if the swelling does not pass. But I take pills only two days, and tomorrow there will be a third. I'm afraid that the address to the surgeon was not too early, but not too late, if I wait. What do you advise: turn to girrgu or consult with another doctor? Perhaps you have seen such cases. I really hope for help. Thank you in advance.


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Indeed, in order to determine what kind of tooth is bothering you need to take an X-ray photograph.
In your case, the doctor does everything right, but for more confidence, consult with another specialist,
for example with a dental surgeon. Ask to describe your problem with an X-ray and make a decision.
If you do not see the picture, we will not be able to advise you any more.


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Necessarily you need an X-ray and a definitioncausal tooth. If the tooth is severely damaged or broken around it, the bone is removed, if there is no tooth for removal, then it will be opened and recommendations will be given to rinse. Maybe during this time the inflammation was complicated by periostitis and the accumulation of pus begins, in which case a cut will be needed in order to clean the purulent focus. There's no point in waiting.


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The presence of swelling in the projection of the roots of the teeth is a very worrying factor. Assistance should be urgent.
Every doctor knows that when swelling should be givendrainage through the channels of the roots of the tooth, that is, to open it. If you need to make an incision mucosa, put rubber drainage and prescribe anti-inflammatory treatment. Without opening the causative tooth, tablets are ineffective. should know the true cause of edema cheeks. Very good, when there is an opportunity to make a computer tomography (3-D diagnosis of teeth). And, being at the computer screen, the doctor will clearly describe your problem, give the disk on your hands, and you can consult in any other clinic.
My advice to you is not to wait a few days, but to find a worthy clinic immediately, where you will be properly diagnosed and treated.

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