Severe bruise and swelling

MARINA Master (1643), closed 4 years ago

Has fallen. First, my leg hurt in the joint region, above the foot. There was severe swelling. Smeared with all kinds of ointments. It does not hurt anymore. Swelling at first also slept. And three weeks later, my leg began to swell, and "whining" was again. Mazala and heparin ointment and Dolobene and troxevasin. Advise what else please.

Tasha Enlightened (27745) 4 years ago

And the injury was not treated?
I've also danced a couple of weeks ago. and curled up with a kabluchshch) Edema in the knee and tear ligament of the knee joint. 3 days ordered the cold to apply and peace, then just those ointments that you are writing about and a tight bandage, a bandage is elastic, if you move a lot. I would, to remove the "stone from the soul," in your place, still shot, and suddenly what is more serious than stretching.

MARINA Master (1643) 4 years ago

Thank you! Tomorrow I signed up for a traumatologist. And I took an x-ray at once. I also twisted my foot on his heel.

Tasha Enlightened (27745) Come on, no reason. Get well!

Pasha Makarenko Profi (533) 4 years ago

Go to the doctor, maybe you have a crack.

Remix Oracle (94765) 4 years ago

descend or go to the surgeon-traumatologist necessarily. just so there is no swelling. you never know what there is. suddenly - crack.

Posya Pupil (183) 4 years ago

agas, the doctor can cho and posavetuet

Fanis Gabdulmukhametov Expert (308) 4 years ago

Raise your foot so that it is also on top, for example a chair. THE FRAUD, THE ENGINE Sage (10346) 4 years ago

but can still fracture

Anna Semenova Profi (637) 4 years ago

cabbage leaf remember that would the juice began to stand out. apply at night. If the tumor does not come down in the morning, it means that the surgeon

Big girls do not cry Orakul (54831) 4 years ago

it is necessary to address to the traumatologist and to exclude an inflammation of a joint and other pathologies. self-medication in this case can lead to the most negative consequences and long-term treatment and recovery.