Edema of the lips and cheeks

The child is not allergic. yesterday the temperature rose (* teeth chopped), during the day, cefecon delivered, at night viburkol.I those and other candles used before without any problems. Cefekon is generally an open pack, i.e. in the last cold used from this pack and nothing was wrong. Viburkol is a new packaging. But too, there is no allergy in the past. food as usual, only smaller portions (due to teeth). I will not attach to this reaction. In the morning, the upper lip and cheek swelled as after a bite of the wasp immediately gave 10 drops of fenistil (a child of 11 months, this dose for the yearling). it's been 3 hours already, the swelling does not subside. baby can not eat anything (perhaps the neck was swollen.) .Help what to give from antihistamines to quickly remove edema? Who faced this?

2009-07-04 04:00:38 Author: Friedhe

I do not know if you are suitable for age, but you can try Zirtek (drops)

2009-07-08 04:06:40 Author: Ancemou

the teeth from which side are cut? On the Quincke's Edema does not seem like it (and thank God) Try using a finger on this cheek to press, which is swollen to determine the localization of pain. I used in your place a child's doctor showed

2009-07-10 06:10:19 Posted by: Couress

Call a doctor-it is not known what has become so swollen. I do not know that when teeth erupt it happens.

2009-07-14 12:01:35 The author: Appossa

it's been 3 hours already, the swelling does not subside. baby can not eat anything (maybe the neck is swollen.). I would have called an ambulance three times

2009-07-16 12:55:41 Author: Hertnes

gave zirtek, everything was asleep.Fooch, now to find out what it was. the ambulance we have is magic, while you wait, you can die, children pediatricians do not bring to the ambulance, they offer a ukolchik and they take you to the receiver. It's easier for us to call a doctor, but unfortunately, on my vacation, that's why I asked a question here, because Force Majeure Glory to God, all ttt.